3D Arielle Project Update 11

Alright I’ve finished a lot of the 3D Arielle game. The main story is finished, and a lot of the side stuff is finished, and it’s even polished a bit. Maybe when/if this game get more interest, I can add in a different city areas and add Phia, Tiffany and Maiko back in, along with outfits for them and more story and animations. And after them, perhaps Luma team (Luma, Riley, Lynn, Rookie) including Cain and Yui into the story. Or just have then inf a different game. But for now I’m just working with a story that follows Arielle and Bri.

I will mention that this game won’t be perfect, but it will be fairly solid. At least compared to where western indie 3D adult games are at on average currently. And I mean actual finished games.

I plan to have gameplay later but for now I’ll go through some screenshots.

The City:

Before even starting to build anything in unity, I wanted the city to be populated with stuff going on, a lot of movement. There’s both ground and flying robots moving around, people walking around, trucks, ships flying in the sky, people standing around talking, billboards and neon lights blinking, etc. It’s quite lively but the trade-off for that is longer loading screen time when loading into the city and it could be laggy for older computers. I think if i ever add another hub area to the game like this city it would no have nearly as much stuff going on (but will still seem alive). However lower graphic setting could be a solution to any issues also. The Screenshots are in the area where you sign up to do Arena and the drag race minigames.

Also to help deal will possible load times and lag, there’s a little robot that follows Ari around and you can access the menu to change clothes and save/load without needed to zone into Ari’s apartment.

Arielle Combat:

Arielle’s combat is 3rd person cover shooter mechanics. You can’t hide behind everything but I tried to make the most obvious objects in the path of the main route have the ability to take cover in. Ari has 3 different gun, a pistol which may or may not be useful in most situations as you needs to get head shots with this. A automatic rifle, and heavy weapon that makes her move slow and not be able to take cover but it powerful. Also taking a suggest from the discord on what a “blue gemco agent” grenade would be, I made Ari’s grenade a electricity type grenade that forces enemies to disarm themselves, giving ari and opportunity to run in and gun them down without taking return fire. So Ari’s gameplay revolves around strategic use of the grenade and when to run in a shoot vs shoot from cover. Ari’s crosshair for each gun is also different and will turn red when her shots will hit the enemy.

Bri Combat:

Bri’s combat is 3rd person hack and slash but is also heavily risk vs reward. Bri only has melee range swords and a 3 hit combo along with her own unique grenade. Why it is risky is because Bri has fairly low health and usually needs to be closer to the enemy than Ari. Bri’s grenade however is super powerful if she holds onto it and run into range of the enemy. It will drain the health of any nearby enemies quickly but she can also throw it if you need to play carefully. Just enemy can simply move out of the grenades area of effect if throw. where holding is you can keep it close to the enemy (by keeping bri near the enemy) but rising talking a lot of damage because you wont be able to melee while bri is holding grenades. Bri and Ari definitely play a lot differently.

Story Scenes:

These are just a few lines from some of the scenes. Some of the dialogue scenes early on have gestures where the character has moments based on what they are saying or hearing. But later on I did both with that so much, with more polish I could add that in for every dialogue. But I don’t think it is a necessary requirement to enjoy the game.


Air Combat – The air combat segments of the game are mandatory to complete the main story. Also the controls might take a little getting used to. However for those reasons you can’t lose in these segments. If you ship HP falls to zero you simply respawn a full HP without the level restarting. All damage you have done is still retained. I was going to make a more extravagant air battle as a side activity, but i’m not sure how the air battle stuff is going to be received so I didn’t want to do too much with it. If i have another polish adding phase I wanted to make the ailerons of the wings move with the direction of the aircraft.

Drag Race – The drag race segment is designed to gain credits and for general fun. It is pretty straight forward, just shift to the next gear up gear when your engine is able to. It is straight race, no turns or a racetrack to navigate, so it’s just side view camera used here. I made it so if players have trouble winning, you can get a special powered up bike from a NPC in the strip club after getting to a certain part of the story.

Arena – Arena is the endgame and adds replayability to the game. There are various challenges ranging from both fun to actually challenging. At rank 3 (the highest rank) you will need to find secret special agents during mission 1-3 to unlock their respective arena challenges. Also the arena challenges have settings to play as Arielle or Bri and to use Ari or Bri as a npc ally, along with a timer so you can show how fast you completed the challenge and using which settings. These can be played with any unlocked outfit as well.

Sex Stuff:

There are total of 10 different sex animations in the game (so far?). All of them involves Arielle. I don’t have Bri in any of them. Just in case her appearance in this game or even past games causes some issue(s). Also the sex scenes you run into during the main story missions are skippable. This is was in case any content creators want to play and/or make videos of the game on a sfw platform. However some of the side sex stuff you would need to do to get the best bike in the game, and or to get easy credits.

Extra Stuff:

Arielle can dance in the strip club or do yoga at the apartment. For the dancing she will get 100 credits for every irl minute of time. You can also find art from ttrop and shikarii on some of the posters and advertisements in the city areas. The third image shows the 3 secret agents that appear on missions 1 through 3. From left to Right are Chanel, Lexi and Quinn. I might turn into 2D character also I’m not sure. There are some male agents I thinking about for that also. I also plan to have a separate art pack that has the images and stuff used for the loading screens and early concepts.