Umichan Futa Fantasy

This is a small flash I made using the new art style. It is really just a animation but there is small non-canon story around it also.
The pairing was decided via the nomination and voting on my patreon.

6 thoughts on “Umichan Futa Fantasy

  1. Not really into futas but any scene with luma is a good scene in my book

  2. The game isn’t showing up for me. Is there any link to download?

    • Do any other flash games work? This probably won’t load of you are on mobile device. Though you can try puffin browser.

    • got the same problem. try clicking left of the URL on the lock / i-icon and -> options. there is a line with “flash”. this might be on a asking permission standard. try to allow flash on this site and reload. works for me that way

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