Umichan Maiko Female Rivalries

This game is a standalone version of the Female Rivalries quest in larger game galled Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc (UMCH). As I worked on adding music,missing scenes and sounds to UMCH, I also took the opportunity to make chapters like this in the process. This game and it’s animations are intended to be fun and comical, as opposed to trying to make something super realistic.

12 thoughts on “Umichan Maiko Female Rivalries

  1. Holy molly so many updates, hell yeah

  2. Where do I play these?

    • It should play right here in the browser. Perhaps you are not able to see it? Make sure you can see flash games in your browser. I know browsers are starting to block them or have you manually activate them.

  3. Cherry Girls is an achievement or a scene?

  4. Here’s a Lore question. What ending did Maiko get canonically? I’ve always gotten the Luma ending, because I feel like Maiko would have really pushed herself to prove to Luma that she is in fact as strong and smart as Luma is, plus it’s the most satisfactory ending. But on the flip side, my Maiko is no virgin. She might of passed the classes without needing Tom’s help, but she definitely participates in the “Specials” at the cafe for the additional money. If we take the events in this flash as Canon, and ignore the same mission in UMCH, does she beat Luma just to prove a point and then does the naughty as she pleases?
    I feel like answering this might reveal a cool part of Maiko’s personality.

    • Canon Maiko is actually not very perverted at all. There used to be an ending where Maiko tells Pattie to apologize to the customers waiting in line for Luma and that’s all that happens. That would be the canon result of this particular quest. Maiko is not really out to get even vs Luma. Maiko is fine with the apology. However the other routes of course are so players can have Maiko do what their Maiko would do based on how they played the game. As for canon pleasure service. it is not required to work there but, she would have serviced a few people most likely that took a particular high level of interest in her.

  5. Chinese are padlock this website

    • browsers are blocking flash games from playing because support is ending from the company that made flash. i will have downloads for these kinds of games. It has nothing to do with Chinese.

  6. Where do I find the downloadable version of this?

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