Umichan: Two Scoops

This minigame is the result of a nomination and voting process on my patreon~ please enjoy!

DL link (.exe): remember you need to unzip this first

39 thoughts on “Umichan: Two Scoops

  1. Very well done indeed! It’s s awesome watching this entire site grow in skill! 😀

  2. Everything is nicely done. Toby is more interesting than I expected him to be. I barely seen/noticed him on CH.

  3. Very nice job! i hope to see more games with voices

  4. I hope your planning on doing more little games like this. very well done.

  5. But they are just kids!

  6. Loved it!!! Will Roise have a go with the shotas too?

  7. Maiko is more softspoken than i imagined. It sound cute actually, it fit her.

  8. Woah, voices! Hadn’t heard any of that since ARIA!

  9. voiced work love it

  10. That guy playing Toby needs to clean out his audio. Otherwise, it’s pretty good.

  11. I like the voices here. Simple and not too “out there.” And the banter is pretty good. Doesn’t sound like someone’s reaching for attention.

  12. I’m glad I read the comments before starting the minigame. I like you Vortex but I don’t want to see any shota. I wish there was a shota-free version of your games… I’m pretty disappointed.

    • This was a nominated and voted idea for the month by patrons.

      • IMO that doesn’t really justify animated CP. People who want it will continue to ask until you’ve set a boundary. You do not seem like the type of person that is super comfortable with this content. There is a line…

        • It is the the point of the voting on patreon. Also I have boundaries. but his doesn’t really bother me tbh because it is not real. they are fictional cartoon characters, in a fictional universe and planet, that appear to be younger than other characters. UMCC was already very controversial. and I’m sure UMCH will be also.

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