January 1, 2024

Animation Changes? Feedback Requested (Maiko Joiry)

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[iframe src=”http://spiralvortexplay.com/public/maikojoiry/” width=990 height=650][/iframe]

click the mouse button in the top right to continue. you may need to kinda spam click a bit on the image sequences.

Direct browser link:
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Direct link should work if you don’t have iframes in your browser or are on a mobile device.

ttrop recently has proposed an idea to have at least some content animated in way that suits him better and requires less work on my part. The idea defenately has a lot of benefits to it but I wanted to see waht you all think about it also.

In the example game/app “Maiko Joiry” I display the proposed image sequence style animation vs the current gif style animation.

Please let us know which you like better and why by leaving a comment. and voting
I will have separate poll on my patreon also.

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Image sequence (frame by frame)
-lower frame rate (approx. 23 less frames)
-harder to implement in code
+takes less time to make overall from sketch to in the game
+higher quality art and shading
+total size is smaller than 1 gif loop
+can sync audio easily in html5
+able to use poses and angles that don’t work well with bones
+no risk of the game engine lagging from trying to run high fps animations.

GIF animations
+smooth animations
+takes less time to implement in code
-takes longer to makes the animation requires the efforts of me, ttrop and jccq for a single loop.
-much lower quality art.
-gif uses less colors than jpg
-doesn’t sync with audio
-restricted to certain poses and angles the work with bone animations
-much larger file size
-takes multiple gifs to make a scene

Currently the Umiya game is already slated to use gif loops. And if a game already has some in there then those will continue to have them. However games like UMAA is suffering from a number of animation issues as a struggle to look for ways to games smooth frames on both desktop and mobile without a huge loss in quality. Doing a animation sequence would be a solution for the problem in have with UMAA. If try this in UMAA it will use this and the top down animations also.

42 thoughts on “Animation Changes? Feedback Requested (Maiko Joiry)

  1. The image sequence looks really good, but the animations are easier on the eyes and more enjoyable overall in my opinion and the effort doesn’t go unappreciated! For VN’s image sequences can work but for games the animations give a better immersion factor. I think both are great when used in the right game/VN.

  2. I prefer the gif option in your games atm, simply because your games have next to no dialogue in the sex scenes. The gifs make the scene fapable due to the no dialogue, since otherwise it be a pretty dead sex scene with still images and no dialogue. I do like the still images format in many Japanese games though. Only because most Japanese games that use still images have a decent amount of dialogue put into the sex scenes to help the player get off. If you’re going to need to use still images, you need to have the characters saying sex talk things like “fuck me harder” “cum inside me” ect ect. Having them display inner thoughts is also good as well. We need to know how the characters are feeling during sex and have them express it while having sex, or preforming sexual actions That way we have something to fap to, since there will be no motion gifs. Honestly, still images could work possibly even better than gifs, if you added plenty of sex dialogue and longer scenes. The Japanese do it all the time with their games, so I can’t see why you can’t, you certainly got the talent for it. Rune’s Pharmacy, Nymphomania Paradox, Kunoichi Botan, Kunoichi Tsubaki, are all games that use still images, but are really fapable due to the reasons I listed above. Take a look at them if you haven’t already to get ideas.

  3. i dig both, tho i really love the image detail and the audio sync the image sequence one allows, and it seems its easier on yall so imma go with that in the poll. one minor complain in the lower speeds with the image sequence it feels more like a slide show, like i cannot picture the movement until the faster speeds, if that makes sense

  4. Both are of good quality, though I am more partial to full animation myself. The stop motion sex scene looks like it has better art and the animated version is a bit choppy, so I think it would need some more frames. However, the animated tit job is great. I’d be fine with either of these options. Full animations take more work and if that’s too much of a burden I don’t think too many people will begrudge you that.

  5. Well, i liked both, but for me animations are better then expressions, didnt understand why the img anal was zoomed though

    But then again, both look good

    1. Thanks for the feedback. For the anal trrop was showing added detail we can afford when doing images.

  6. Animation is better in my opinion and the good animation quality was always part of what i like about your work to be honest.
    Keep up the good wok!

  7. Ack, it’s a tough decision! I love the animation, but if it makes less work for you, I say go for it. The image sex scene works for me with the frames it has, but the tit scene feels kinda static. The extra detail is nice, but if it doesn’t feel fluid it doesn’t work as well. The sex scene felt fluid. Again, whatever makes less work for you.

    Also, fuck Joiry. He’s an asshole. You deserve better from your fuck buddies, Maiko.

  8. IMO, I prefer the animation more than the image version. It’s a lot smoother and more fluid.
    The image version is more cranky and slow, which doesn’t feel right to me.

    Also, I agree with Selvira’s comment. Joiry doesn’t deserve Maiko, let alone fucking her.

  9. I like the animation better, I know it’s much more work on your end, but it’s why I love your games. The still frames definitely add something to the detail, but I’m less of a fan.

  10. After thinking it through I’m going to have to go with GIF.

    When I saw the sex animation for both I was okay with the FBF a little, but I really disliked that her head was static ontop of no facial change. In the GIF at least her head moved. Though I did like the pose and boob bounce after she got cummed in which the GIF one lacked. The slower speeds with the FBF also look bad and feel like it needs another frame in-between the in and out.

    But then I checked the boobjob scene and the GIF version completely blew it out the water. It was more organic and lively while the FBF felt like I was looking at images not an animation.

    If you are really going to use the FBF in UMAA I ask that you please added more frames to make the slower speeds look more organic and to add more frames if the animation looks rough like the boobjob one. Also, that the head gets some love like the boobs bounce did to make it feel less static. Also cum scenes should be more natural and not just a straight to come.

    In reality though I wish you would use GIF for UMAA as it’s the next big game in the line, and the animations are what made me fall in love with UMCH.

    I think another poll you should put out is if people don’t mind you cutting an Android version for UMAA. I hate to see the game get held back because it’s on mobile too. I would love the animations to be in the highest quality possible and as smooth as possible, but if it’s mobile what makes this hard cut it.

    It’s not like mobile is missing out on the other games. If anything just make a version of top down shooting for the mobile.

    1. I also want to add if anything it should go like this:

      Bigger games like UMAA = GIF
      Medium games like Umiya = FBF (GIF if you are able to.)
      Small games like Splashing Surprise = Static images (FBF if you are able to.)

      By only if your able to I mean there aren’t and technical issues and it won’t take up too much development time.

    2. The frame boob job sequence was meant to show the worst possible way to do it. It only used two frames. Where the sex was more accurate to how we would likely do it.

  11. The boob bouncing really benefit with the full animation, if not then it seems a bit choppy. Love the detail tho and i think the image style really could work with certain types of scenes or poses (for example the Carl X Rosie scene in Sentoryu, i think that could work with img perfectly fine). So, even though i prefer the full animation (because the bouncing effect more than anything) , i don’t think the other style should be discarded at all, even more if saves you a lot of work

  12. I love the added detail on the images, ttrop surely has gone a long way with his shading techniques, but I still believe the more fluid animations fit the game better. maybe for the Visual novels this could work better, but beware that in Japanese VNs they make the stills work even on this day and age because of how much detail they put on setting the scene, not only the characters but also the background and specially the framing. I know the animations requieres more effort on your part, but be certain they are pretty much appreciated.

  13. Hi there, interesting question you pose and I’ll try to be as honest and productive as I can.

    Personally I prefer animation always (you can take this as my short answer) however as others have stated the type of project benefits from different styles, still images with the degree of detail in that frame by frame would be great for the VN projects and since it’s a mostly a novel we really dont need animation (my personal opinion since Im used to old VNs). I think any great work takes an equal amount of time to be produced so personally i dont mind if your main games take longer because that’s what you always deliver: great content.

    Another angle you could explore now that you introduced the idea of deluxe versions is to complete a mid size game like Umiya (base version) using frame by frame animation and later release Umiya Deluxe with full animation… yes it would be more work however in this case the deluxe version attains a unique status that makes a patreon/steam release more attractive. I hope this serves of some help and keep the great work

  14. Honestly Im ok with both. I think some games would be more suited to one over the other, img more suited to vn type games and gif more suited to umch type games. Img seemed kinda jerky to me at first if im being honest tho but it grew on me quick

  15. Slightly late, but in my personal opinion

    I prefer the animation over the static images, since it’s easier on the eyes to watch fluid animation, though I think the static images do provide better details on the bodies. I did notice that with the images it looked like Maiko had more defined back muscles and such, which I personally didn’t enjoy.

    A small detail I think would be nice with the animation, is perhaps when Joiry, or whatever males are there to sleep with are climaxing, that you do a similar animation to the images at the finish, where the males pull their cock out slightly and go back in to release more cum. (Perhaps, you can have a finish animation, but I’m not sure how much more work that would create for you.)

    It sounds like a lot of work, but I personally feel that it would look nice. If it adds to the workload you already have you don’t need to add that minor detail.

  16. Man I’m just reading this post, if the problem for the animation is the sync to the audio I can help you with that, I’m a musical producer and if you need help with the audio things I’m here.

    1. Thanks, but It’s not a music production, or even a audio engineering issue. There is no timeline to sync audio to. And even if the sound clip is perfectly synced to the gif loops time duration each person’s computer won’t load them at exactly the same time or the same way. So I would need to always preload everything creating several loading screens. But even doing that there is also the issue of frame skips causing desyncs. The best thing to do is programmatically play a sound on a certain frame, which can’t be done with gifs. And I want to use gifs over video clips so it can be easiy ported to html5 without worrying about if the video will play, or needs permission to play in certain browsers.

  17. Is incredible how i can not notice a post…
    Well, for me the “ani” version win completely. Animating with so few frames is just pointless and look ridiculous, work much better as still images.

  18. Animation is a lot better on the eyes, but the zoom on the image was great too.I think animation is better for now because you dont use dialogues during sex scenes

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