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MMD: Miss Right

The graphic quality of this video originally somehow came out to be like over 500 mb, I wanted to reduce it down…

MMD: Do It Again

While the previews MMD video I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it. This is example of me knowing…

MMD Body to Body

not really sure what I was trying to do here heh

MMD wip body to body

A original motion that started by using the Kinect with mmd to record live motion. I worked on it a bit yesterday….

MMD: Killer Lady

was going to use Maiko and Zytra but decided to use Arielle and Bri since I was working on them today. There…

MMD: Pink Cat

was playing with Depth of Feild effects.

MMD: Bang it to the curb

short video I made this morning

MMD Original Motions

tested my old computer by making some mmd videos yesterday. When stacking effects MMD uses the graphics card and runs the processor…

MMD: Kinect and shaders practice

got a few videos here that are result of me working with the nchl shader for mmd. trying to get better at…

MMD: Die Young

these were a few scenes from a collab video I participated in around last winter. I found them on my computer and…

MMD: Dance of the Tail

These models are bit older but I decided to use them anyways. Big milk sacks Luma is not too bad. Luma’s boobs…

MMD: Crime and Punishment

not sure why the the song is called that but oh well lol. going to post some of those videos that were…

what should I work on for MMD stuff?

AS I mentioned earlier I have a lot of unfinished MMD videos. I will finish them all eventually but if there is…

MMD: Bar Bar Bar

was kind of lazy with luma’s shirt. but you get the idea of the video. probably better to download and watch offline…

MMD: Crazy v2

actually for the mmd crazy video I never actually finished making it how I wanted it do so I finally redid it.

MMD loose bikini practice

as the title states these are practice videos. Maiko loosens her bikini top.