ARIA Amplitude story full v2.1a

version 1.2a
ASD and Arrow Keys to move Amp. Please check the tutorial before playing.
Best played offline, download is below.

link: remember you need to unzip this first

44 thoughts on “ARIA Amplitude story full v2.1a

  1. Inb4 2hard even though I already made it easier.

    • yeah…. prologue = effort… way too much of it for a dang prologue…. -_-

      needs prologue skip button too… hell I die in literally under 3 seconds on the third stage…. I can click that fast right…. nope!

      • yep there’s absolutely no way I can beat the third stage even using 2 bombs, shield, AND EMP….

        I suck make it easier or I won’t EVER be able to play the actual game. >_<

  2. the lvl with harold is very hard. to many bombs i think

  3. Dr. Claris, eh? I guess we know what happened to Goo now, and why we never encounter the person who did that to her. I wonder why she doesn’t remember her name?

    • Usually when characters forget something it might be safe to assume it is probably due to khalei degeneration.
      Forgetting something major that is heh, like your own name. Maiko maybe forgetting her homework or something every so often doesn’t really count unless it becomes abnormal.

      • Well homework is fucking stupid anyway. If you do well enough on the tests, what’s the point of homework? I hardly did any of my homework in school and I got into FAU’s Honor College and graduated! Homework is useless! Especially essays!!! Actually, that’s not a terrible question: What’s Maiko’s schoolwork like exactly? Does she have to write essays?

  4. The game is challenge, easier with all the chances to continue on the spot where you left off because of the extra abilities you can use. Like the added names you add and the A.I bot is in. For that one moment. So goo seen his face but doesn’t know his name. Interesting.

  5. Great game, as always. Its a nice challenge, particularly the last level with Harold but not too hard. I know its a prologue but it felt quite short, more so than Ari’s, even the scenes with Harold felt shorter. When I finished the game I wanted more, not just sex but more of Amp’s story.

  6. The game is not even remotely hard imo. There prologues are very very good. Merry Christmas.

  7. yes! i beat it. it was very hard… because i did not see totorial… but i figured it out. did not need matrix or emp once i found the duck feature. good mechanics an builds on story. thx

  8. Damn, I didn’t think Harold was that into knocking chicks up. Did Amp actually get pregnant there?

  9. So I just found this game available on a file trading site. It’s been released publicly so I guess it’s not a big deal but I just figured I’d mention it. I also found ARIA available awhile back, but it’s the 2.2b version that was made public 6 months ago and frankly I’m surprised it took this long for it to show up so I didn’t think it was worth mentioning. It doesn’t appear that anything that is a Patreon exclusive has been leaked.

    I’ll PM you the link if you want, though even if you successfully petition the site to remove it the odds are that it’s already on a dozen other sites that I don’t know about.

    • It’s a pretty normal situation for my public games, or any public flash hentai games, to appear in other places the developer did upload them to. But yeah send me the link.

  10. Very nice game! Read tutorial first folks ! Good luck with your new projects !

  11. WhySoMuchEfforttoFap

    Fucking stupidly hard and you have to click through dialogue dozens of times if you fail. Terrible design.

    • Use bombs.

    • read the tutorial. and if you did, you are using bombs on areas when you don’t need to. you definitely need to save one for the last stage.

      terrible design? is it a roguelike game. the point is trial and error. if you fuck up and waste bombs you probably need to start all over.
      however this game can easily be beaten in 4 minutes.

      however in general if you are looking for a quick fap you are in the wrong place to even begin with.

      • WhySoMuchEfforttoFap

        Terrible design was referring to the fact that you have to click through the dialogue if you fail. There’s absolutely no reason for that to be necessary. I think the difficulty is bad, too, but I recognize that’s just a personal preference.

        • I had it originally where when you die you start the whole game over. Is that a terrible design also? only restarting the dialogue is much more lenient as opposed to how a roguelike should be with permanent death.

  12. I want to see amp pregnant

  13. Same thing for this game. Tone down the difficulty. I can’t finish it.

    • Save your bombs the harder fights with unique characters that are surrounded by the normal agents. you can used the Matrix to become invulnerable for a short duration or EMP to reset the lasers. in case you are unaware, you can also duck down and move left and right.

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