ARIA: The Checkup

This game contains girl on girl hentai futa pov animations

Historically patreon voting was to add a scene to a current project I am working on. These were nominated a voting on and the winning one would get added to that game. However recently I have decided to make these scenes separate stand alone interactive flashes instead. These was for several reasons but mainly to give a bit more freedom to the possible range of nominations. Since it is separate, it doesn’t need to follow the story of the game it is in. it also now doesn’t have to have only be characters that are a part of whatever the current game I am working on. Another big reason is because ttrop can draw the character is not most recent art style and not have to match the current game art. However on this first on ttrop actually forgot about this and drew this art in the older style from two years still. Just from habit. Also another reason because I found that when adding stuff to current game, people only really seem to be interested in what is new. So might as well make it separate instead of having to do something in the game to get to it. I am trying to wrap up UMCH, and if a have to continuously add more scenes I wont be able to finish.

But this is the first example of how the separate mini scenes will be. This is just designed to be one small scene. nothing big that I will be adding more content to. However it is possible more futa content can be nominated and voted on.

DL link (.exe): remember you need to unzip this first

12 thoughts on “ARIA: The Checkup

  1. I like the minigame, easier to get the hang of then the old way, keep up the good work

  2. Thanks for the new content, I really liked that mini game ! I did read the part about wanting to wrap up UMCH, but if I may suggest, this scene could be implemented in the nurse room when choosing the first option (the one to avoid using pills).

    At the moment if you don’t read the FAQ/Walkthrough I don’t remember seeing anywhere the effect of this option. So maybe if you select this option Remi could explains to Meiko that she has to “coat” the interior of her vagina with some product to keep her from using pills for some time. Then you have some ingame explanation for the effect and you can add this animation 🙂

    It’s just a suggestion and it’s up to you if you want to add it, but since I quite like Remi I thought I might suggest this to you.

    • Thanks for the suggestion I’ll have to think about it. The immediate issue i see is, this is a option for all girls not just maiko. so anyone that wants this procure would learn Remi has a penis and likely spread the info around.

      • Thanks for your reply ! That’s a fair point I didn’t think about. Now that I took some time to complete your other titles like “ARIA the rookie” I know a bit more about Remi and the reasons behind her being a futanari. I suppose only some GemCo agents know about this ?
        If it’s truly like that and the 7000$ treatment apply to every students, then I can see why it wouldn’t work in this case.

        I can’t really think of any excuse Remi would think of for this to be a “Maiko only” treatment but if you can think of an easy way/reason, I’d be happy to see it included 😀
        Of course, if it can’t fit the story and character personnality, having this scene in a mini-game like this is still awesome.

  3. Love the Remi scenes, keep em coming!

  4. I know I said it like thousand times, but I freaking love every content with Remi.
    But I also must say this isn’t your best work. I feel like animations in UMCH and especially in ARIA were far better than this one.
    The story is quite fine, it’s just the animations that ain’t my thing I guess.
    Overall, 8/10.
    Can’t wait to see more!


  5. I enjoyed this quickie game right here. I kinda felt Remi was one of those people who just float around the area, so it is kinda interesting to see how they play the field. Not the right phrase. I meant that the side characters get a bit of love every now and then. Good way to test the waters.

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