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Rinoga’s GemCo Armory Catalog and ARIA lore

since a number of you haven’t played UMCC I thoguht I would touch on some of the lore aspects of GemCo equipment….

what ARIA animations are you most interested in seeing added ?

Update: Pinoytoons mentioned that the character sheets will help for animation for any characters so I will get them done and out…

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where to post hentai flash games

Most of my time is pent working on my own games so I am not too savvy on where hentai flash/games actually…

How to download, unzip, and play swf files.

  please see here for additional help:

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About me, this site and my projects

I figured I would take the time to type a little bit about me any what I am working on and what…

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UMCC character descriptions

brief character descriptions for UMCC characters here.

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Irris The young and gifted enforcer of rules and executioner of a group of creatures that exist in a deep ancient woods…

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Riley Toymiue

Riley Toymiue Riley is Maiko best friend among her other really close friends. She went to the first day of school to…

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Umiya Maiko

Maiko Umiya Maiko is an easy going girl in high school. Many of her school mates in school see her as a…

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