Rinoga’s GemCo Academy

Rinoga’s GemCo Academy is a school where basic curriculum and various majors are taught, but also has specialized programs that train stellar individuals to become agents in the various GemCo divisions. GemCo academy is funded by the GemCo executives and much of the policies are controlled by their funding, leaving many opportunists for corruption.

Some Academy teachers also teach at Nanako and other schools to keeps tabs on what other school are doing so they can always be a step ahead of them. And to also make it so that the other schools don’t excel as well as the academy students.

Students getting accepted into the program for special missions agent is really tough. And normally you need to be selected by and assigned to a executive or division lead. Some people enter other ways though.

executives (not all listed)
Gemon Taliff (Company founder, deceased)
Mr. Akiru (or something like that)

Rinoga’s GemCo Academy agent 3 main divisions (Not a complete list but some of the GemCo management)
Law/Arms Division

Cain (lead enforcer agent)
Yui (lead enforcer agent)

Roy (enforcer agent)
Tony (enforcer agent)
Arielle (special missions agent)
Phia (special missions agent)

Division X (very small, top secret space, alien, and unnatural encounters)
Belohra (Division X founder, deceased?)
???? (currently leading Division X)

Research and development Division (science and technology)
Phil (currently leading current Research and development)
Dr. C. Baker (top R&D scientist)
Dr. Natan (top R&D scientist for bio weapons)
Dr. T. Taylor (top R&D scientist for medical and defense technology)
Remi (Khalei utilization in medicine)