January 2, 2024

7 thoughts on “Ralamar Crystal Hunter playthrough

  1. A well interesting playthrough, didn’t know it takes place before Simitex. It’s an interesting JRPG you got there! Yeah all I can say is wow, from this to todays work you are beyond improve. By the way the music sounds OK. Some of the tracks sounds nice. Best of luck if you find chapter 2. Samantha sounds like a crazy ass bitch. How the fuck you can feel in love with a guy that was trying to kill you? LOL

      1. Now I know what you mean about a Cia effecting a women breast to be bigger. Just look at Sam! LOL

        I wonder as she is consuming more crystals her boobs are growing? LOL

  2. Don’t have quite the time right now but I’m going to sit down and watch this whole fucking thing and I’m so excited XD

  3. Alright, been 2 weeks but I was finally bored enough to watch a 45min lets play video!

    Graphically the game is showing it’s age, but the story itself has promise. Since this game is 13 years old I’m guessing some of the inspirations are dated but I got some of them. People messing around with mystical spheres and unleashing a black dragon that wants to destroy the world sounds almost exactly word for word like the plot of “Dragon Ball: GT”, which in retrospect wasn’t a great anime but did seem cool in the early 2000s. The basic idea of kids unwittingly unleashing an ancient power on the basis of survival but endangering the world in the process could also be the plot to “Secret of Mana” I suppose, so maybe the basic plot is a mix of the two. Samantha’s Ciia transformation in the game is almost exactly like Terra’s esper transformation in “Final Fantasy VI” (or III depending on who you ask), and the animation itself is very similar to the transformations in “Sailor Moon” (or any magical girl transformation since). The crystals and the airship could have been inspired by almost literally any Final Fantasy game. I may be personifying a bit here but at least that’s how I saw the plot, which isn’t a bad thing since most of the things I mentioned are things that I really like.

    All that being said, a reworked version of this game would be really fun to play. I’m not sure how much you kept up with this stuff but RPG Maker and it’s subsequent versions are being used to make literally hundreds of these games and some are pretty good. Some of my favorites even have naughty bits in them like your games (some of my other favorites have a ton more naughty bits). Check it out here:

    Since you said you don’t get to check out a lot of stuff outside of your own games, I’ll list some of what I consider to be the better adult oriented RPG Maker games.

    Legend of Queen Opala I/II/Origins:
    Considered by many to be one of the best adult RPG maker games around, LoQO games blend adult situations with solid classic RPG gameplay. I had way more fun with this game than I really should have and it would easily compete with any JRPG from the 16-bit era. The story is good but less ambitious than most of what is in the JLCK greater story arc, it mostly revolves around a hero that has to save a version of ancient Egypt, or a fantasy parallel world, or a time mixed up version of the two. There’s a lot of kinks in the game that would turn off a lot of people but if you can get passed that then you’ll find a really good game filled with all the level grinding/collectible finding/epic boss battles you would expect from a mainstream JRPG.

    Roundscape Adorevia
    Roundscape is an ambitious work-in-progress that is a result of a very successful offbeatr campaign and continuing support on Patreon. The team and their commisioned artists put out a new build of the game every month partially based on player input and it’s evolving into a great game. The combat and story are still being refined but it’s basic JRPG fare that lets you pick one of several origin stories for both genders that affect how your character fits in with the greater plot of the game. If that sounds familiar it’s because the lead creator fully admits he based it on Dragon Age: Origins, widely considered to be one of the best mainstream RPGs on the previous generation of consoles. The game still has a long way to go but it has some of the best artwork I’ve seen and is an example of what a version of RPG maker can do. At the $10 pledge level it’s a little steep but if you can afford it then it’s worth checking out. The game does feature a lot of hardcore adult themes so that might turn off some players, but you can avoid most of it if you wish.

    Sim Brothel 2: Revival
    This game doesn’t seem like it would be all that special, but it’s actually a really good RPG built around a so-so brothel simulation mechanic. The game is being made by a diverse group of volunteers who contribute when they have the time so progress on it is slow, but it already has some fairly in-depth combat/skill/equipment systems. Best of all, it’s free and open source. If you’re looking for a way to find out how a good RPG is made on the code level then this is the game to check out. I learned how RPG Maker and Ruby coding works pretty much exclusively by doing some work on this game and modding it for my own personal use. The downside is that the game is huge (upwards of 3.5 gigs I think) and requires Tortoise SVN to download the latest version since it’s being worked on by many people simultaneously. However since it’s freeware no one really minds if you download it from a file sharing site so long as you know you’re getting an older and possibly buggy version. As the name implies, most of the non-RPG parts of the game revolve around a simulated brothel so there is a lot of sex involved.

    Ass Effect: Reloaded I/II/III
    The link I posted is for the official blog, but the game can’t be found there anymore. Unfortunately EA/Bioware threatened the creator with legal action based on the likeness rights of their Mass Effect games. The game can still be found on most file sharing sites but I don’t feel comfortable posting those links here. The creator has no problem with anyone downloading these games any way they can. The game is extremely rough and is no longer being updated since the creator left to head the team making Roundscape Adorevia. While unrefined and buggy, it’s the best example of a SciFi themed RPG Maker game I can think of and I wanted to post something besides just fantasy games for people who liked ARIA. The game actually features some high quality CGI artwork so if you’re a fan of this genre it’s a fun way to spend a few hours. The games do feature graphic depictions of sex but no worse than what you can find on this site.

    There are other good games in the genre, but I’ve rambled on for long enough.

    I would really like to see a modern RPG maker game based in the JLCK universe but I understand your plate is full. Just something to consider for the future.

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