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Story intro and combat class introduction
Visit Ringoa’s office.
Visit Cain’s office (main story ends here for now)

There are no sex scenes in this build.
You can battle Purin by visiting the combat room. It’s possible to win,lose, or tie.
If you lose in combat you become injured and need to visit remi to be healed

Roy will stop you from leaving the academy if you travel to the entrance.Story intro and combat class introduction
Visit Ringoa’s office.
Visit Cain’s office (main story ends here for now)
Visit the main lobby to meet Percival

The v0.1 build of UMCH Sequel begins the foundational structure needed to support development if this game.

27 thoughts on “UMCH Sequel

  1. nó sẽ hay nếu có thêm cảnh sex :))

  2. I expected sexy chicks in the pool but it’s a trap, once you enter it’s not possible to leave lol

  3. It looks nice so far, I like the flow of the game and it feels smooth moving from one area to the next. A question thou: are you planning or is there a way to add the name of each area to their respective image? It’s a bit hard to tell apart Cain from Alma’s office and Hallway from Combat Hall unless you already played the game.

  4. Will there be anyway to have public nudity in this, like leaving the showers naked or dorm naked? I remember reading something about this in the first of this game, but could never seem to replicate it or get the scenes, if there even was any.

  5. Look good, waiting for more.

  6. So, Carl is an alternative option for Maiko’s sponsor. He’s kinda sleazy, so still a less than ideal option… but I’d much rather deal with him than Albert. Kinda helps that Maiko IS already working at his cafe. I just hope he won’t interfere with Maiko’s social life too much. I hope he won’t force Maiko to live in the Sentoryu household (I already shared my thoughts on that idea). Speaking of which, living with Alma is starting to seem less appealing… I don’t dislike Alma in any sense, in fact, that’s entirely the problem. I don’t want to get her in too much trouble… though I do wonder what exactly Ringoa’s problem is. (My best guess is it has something to do with Maiko being Alma’s kid, and why she can’t tell her. It wouldn’t surprise me if Ringoa is one of the few who is aware of them being related.)

    • You are on the right track with reasoning but a decision tha’s made later will be different based on what is decided here. Maiko will get advice from Holly or Alma , based on who she lives with so I’d recommend exploring both paths.

  7. So far it’s all good! Purin can be really challenging to beat, at first I managed to get three draws and two losses until I finally beat her.
    And, I noticed something I could go anywhere (except the Office ’cause Rinoga is busy with Alma), I managed to talk to Cain and suggest changing the sponsor ’cause Maiko is really uncomfortable with Albert (and he doesn’t seem to take it nicely when he finds out she reported him), the entrance (hello there, Roy) even if I was hurt, then I returned the training grounds and clicked in the glove got a dialogue saying I need to see Remi, it wasn’t supposed to be not going anywhere until healed?

    • You can go places just not get into fights. i might have it when she is injured she will lose a fight. some fight she will win based on the story though. I’m still working it all out.

  8. So there is a mobile port for this?
    Since this got a Mobile port, Im kind of interested in playing the first Classroom Havoc, I can’t play it because my android Flash browser can’t handle it, Can we get an Android version for the first Classroom Havoc?

    • This game was made with tyranobuilder which has a way to export to android and html5. However Classroom Havoc was written in Flash Actionscript 2. And from what I have found, it’s impossible to port that to mobile.

  9. Hey Vortex00,
    I’m a bit late to the party, but I figured I would throw in my two cents for your stuff. I was a patron for a while a long time ago but had to stop due to funding issues. Anyway, I like the games a bit. The times when you show your boobs in first person are a bit weird. They look like they’re flying all over the place. I think the 3d game looks a bit interesting, though I’m a bit bummed about Bri. I know she isn’t underage (or is she? What are the ages of all the characters? Is there a bio somewhere?), but I always thought she was shorter than the other characters. But she looks to be the same height as all the other characters in the game. Also, it may just be me but it seems like her hair is a different color. If it is, was it done in order to give the character a more realistic hair color as opposed to the 2d color?

    Anyway, my big question is this: is there a timeline? Like, what is the order the games are in? For both sides. The school side with Umichan and the Gemco side with Arielle and company.

    • And also, are the minigame versions of games considered canon? Or just different retellings of the older stories

    • In this climate, I wanted to make sure Bri was not mistaken as underage. Her hair color in the game is based on ttrop’s interpretation of her. The game also has lot of dark locations.

      I don’t have a timeline for stuff. I’d say if you Played UMCH,ARIA and The Rookie. you can understand anything else in any order you decide to play it in. I used to show the post below but it is outdated.

      JLCK timeline and outline, contains spoilers!

      certain minigames are canon some are not. Umichan Splashing Surprise, Futa Fantasy, and some other are not canon but contain relevant scenes to help flesh out the characters that appear in them more.

      • Sure, it would be bad if people mistake Bri as underage, but surely there should be a limit, right? Or is it okay to assume that all petite, small-breasted girls are “underage”? Isn’t that…”heightist” or something? I’m not saying you should make her character model look like a kid, but if most of the characters are…say…5’8″, then having her be 5’4″ wouldn’t be so bad would it? Besides, if you have documentation saying that Bri is 18+, then it shouldn’t matter what she looks like. And anyone who gets upset about such things is dumb. You can just throw their morals back in there face or something.

        • I’m not really here to fight a battle about what should or shouldn’t matter, or what should or shouldn’t be assumed. At the end of the day, I would like to get some of my stuff into steam and other mainstream stores, so I don’t want to knowingly put myself in position where the characters age can be reasonably questioned and get the game banned or denied. Making Bri a bit taller was what I decided to do and it’s not really a big deal for me since all the characters are a bit older from their appearance ARIA anyway. And saying the characters are 18+ is usually a red flag.

  10. I don’t know if this is a bug, but when having Remi heal (recover) Bri in ARIA v 2.8, the “finish” button doesn’t seem to do anything. I mean, it restarts the “eating out” animation but no one finishes or climaxes.

    • It’s probably a bug. I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever fix these though since flash (the software i made the game with) will not be viable at the end of 2020.

  11. Another bug I’ve found is that one of the black arm sleeves (I believe it’s Riley’s but I’m not sure) is attached to the wrong node. It’s attached to Riley’s head, not her arm.

  12. best porn game I have played

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