Umichan Exhibit

This is a small flash I made using the new art while I was finishing up UMCH. It is really just a animation but there is small non-canon story around it also.
The pairing was decided via the nomination and voting on my patreon.

9 thoughts on “Umichan Exhibit

  1. holy shit how do you manage to get updates out right when I get off school its ridiculous

    anyways good shit

  2. tried using chrome, edge, nothing works, anyone having the same issue? Tried incognito and regular…

    • if you are trying to play the game on chorme here’s a way to get it working, on the place where you type stuff on the url usually their is an icon of a circle with a “i” in the middle of it on the left side of the url you click on that icon an it should bring down a couple options you then look for the option that says “flash” on it you click on flash an then set it to where it says “always allow to run on this site” after that you then refresh the page an it should work for you

    • make sure you are allowing flash to be able to run in the browser. some browsers block it by default now.

  3. Where’s the game? It’s the same with umch interview

    • You browser might be blocking flash, especially if recently updated. can you see other flash stuff here? See if there is a icon to the left of the url, in the address bar, where you can allow flash.

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