Umichan Interview

This is a small flash I made using the new art while I was finishing up UMCH. It is really just a animation but there is small non-canon story around it also.
The pairing was decided via the nomination and voting on my patreon.

11 thoughts on “Umichan Interview

  1. Is the flash not loading for anyone?

  2. zytra and gangbang? im down

    • was nominated and voted for one the patreon. But I plan to use this in the Jeni game since one of the guys is the uncle.

      • Excuse me for asking but is it possible for this mini-game and the Exhibit mini-game to have a downloadable offline version? And also for other game like Ario and Agent Trainer if it is possible because none of the game works for me except when I use the offline version (I’m using a smartphone by the way and have no other means to use internet directly on pc) but if you’re planning to use these two mini-game in the new gym game lime you said or if it will put you into doing more work then please just ignore my request. I wouldn’t want to bother your already busy work with any troublesome request. I’ve seen your new character updates and i’ve to say they’re fantastic especially when I’ve read about the post about your characters evolution. What’s more even Jenny amd Zytra got 3 updates for their face which seems to be a lot of work (By the way I love their final work). Love your work and thanks for you and your crews hard work.

  3. please add some footjob stuff…

    • I’ll keep it in mind. It’s not really something I like doing though tbh. But for this small flash animation stuff, it is entirely based on what people nominated and voted on my patroen.

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