January 2, 2024

21 thoughts on “MMD: Apple Pie

  1. Riley’s face is cute. I like the expressions. I guess this is what she does when she isn’t studying with Maiko.

      1. She’s a workaholic. Everything about her is pretty much the opposite to me. But she still one of my favourite characters.

  2. Man, your new models look great! Riley and Pattie are gorgeous! Riley’s specially cute on this vid and her breasts are awesome, can see that even better with the close ups! 😀

  3. Very nice. I think the only thing missing is Maiko sitting on the bed watching the show. She’s the only one who would convince Riley of letting go like that, and only if they were alone.

    1. heh Maiko Riely yuri stuff is not canon though. in fact you reminded me I still to redo the yuri motions lol.

      1. Never said anything about yuri. Much as i’d like the two of them to have that kind of relation. Just saying that i doubt Riley would ever have the… guts to do something like that unless Maiko was there to… rile her up? (Pun semi-intended). Riley certainly wouldn’t do it in a public setting, or even if she was completely alone… but with only Maiko there? I think she would. If only because Maiko seems like her best friend.

        1. imo if Maiko was there it would be even less canon. in UMCH Riley always tells Maiko to put on her shirt when you talk to her while topless. Would be hypocritical for her to dance topless with Maiko there heh.

          1. … True… yet if Maiko can convince Riley to wait for her in her underwear… or take a shower with her… yeah, probably grasping at straws here.

          2. I do non canon stuff also. I just don’t mix it with the canon stuff anymore.

  4. So I’ve been watching these but i always think Riley’s Apple Pie dancing is the best looking, and i think i can understand why now.
    Two reasons
    One: The slower dancing compared to many of the more kinetic movements of most other MMDs means she doesn’t have that odd snap in her animations and seams like she is keeping her balance with her movements
    Two: It’s Riley. She isn’t as busty or has as much of an ass as the other girls so when she moves they don’t swing around or clip into her arms.
    Ultimately it just looks way more natural to the eye and that makes it all the more sexy.

    It might not make a difference and it took forever for me to notice but there is my two cents.

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