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The Rookie on Newgrounds!

Please go help vote on it!

ARIA: The Rookie

You are the new rookie agent, decide which sexy teammate will influence you the most.

The Rookie facial expressions preview

While working on the Rookie added dialogue scenes yesterday, I noticed some part could really facial expression changes that I didn’t have….

MMD: Apple Pie

had several issues with shadows on this one for some reason. motion by Ademar440

Umichan Randomness 2

was going to have more but maybe next time. The important thing was that I got a lot of characters redone. Not…

MMD: Maiko vs Riley

just messing around here. It is based on later in the story when Maiko, and a few others like Annie and Sixxe…

MMD: Die Young

these were a few scenes from a collab video I participated in around last winter. I found them on my computer and…

MMD: Dance of the Tail

These models are bit older but I decided to use them anyways. Big milk sacks Luma is not too bad. Luma’s boobs…

MMD: Umichan 3D infirmary scene

  this is based on the last hentai part of the Umichan 3D unity game I made. click the pic to check…

no image

Riley hair ?

In the site update I mentioned I had two people working on the 3D hair for some of the umichan characters. One…

MMD: Resonate

My first complete mmd video of the year. This is my first time trying to combine different scenes in a mmd video….

Riley Christmas 2014 cg painting

  lines by @Eriot I did the coloring. I normally go over the lines with a pen tool but I didn’t do…

no image


    I’ll just leave this right here.  

no image

MMD: Elect

  Evo Riley.   The story is Maiko could not fit into her blouse for this outfit so she had to take…

no image

MMD: Shoujo Misui

I thought about making a valentines day theme video but, meh. Gotta knockout some ARIA in me before I get started promoting…

no image


I made a few videos so I will post them. I didn’t finish coloring Eriot’s picture just yet but it had Riley…

no image

Riley Toymiue

Riley Toymiue Riley is Maiko best friend among her other really close friends. She went to the first day of school to…

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