fixing bugs

in the most recent versions of the Rookie and Senotyu. I use javascript to make the animations using a sprite strip instead of .gif format animations. This allows for a increase in smoothness of the animations in tyranobuilder but caused lots of unforeseen issues.

firstly if you save during the animation sequence, tyrano seems to forget the javascript when you load the game.
Also seems it to forget it when you have the game in a background state. Such as minimized on a mobile phone and such.

also there is a issue where I was calling the script’s functions again before closing the previous functions to boost the fps higher.
this made other animations play much faster than intended.

there a lot of changes I am implementing currently:

the game will reload the scrips at the start of each sex scene.
you will not be able to save the game during sex scenes.
(this will still cause issues if your OS, mobile or desktop/laptop, sends the game to a background process during the scene)
I need to also fix issues with animations playing faster than intended.

trying to get this done today so I can move on to UMAA, Yui Game, Umichan Sorani and other stuff.