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162 thoughts on “ARIA: The Rookie

  1. Sure it is.

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    So, Jeo is a victim, Remi is a savior and Dizzy is actually sick because of Khalei overdose. I liked those explanations. It reminds me of Mass Effect, where the Element Zero affects on many people’s health in a negative way and still it’s the only source of biotics powers.

    There are as least two problems I found in the game. First, the saving system doesn’t work properly (sometimes it doesn’t save a game process and the 2 last slots don’t work at all). And the second, the skip button skips even unread text.

    As for sex, I think that it definitely won’t make the game somehow worse. Though, I’m not sure, who, except Luma and Remi, would like to do it with the main character. Moreover, there’s a rule that forbids any sexual intercourse within the Academy territory. Maybe a rule-breaking then? Or watching for someone who breake this rule?

    And probably, that’s all. I really liked the game. It was certainly good, especially for the first finished VN. Looking forward to playing the next one you’ll create.

  2. Congratulations on your new game release!
    I like the quick but insightful story, filling some gaps about stuff on past games. It feels like ARIA 2.5-UMCH 0.5.
    The branching paths are really nice and as always I like how each girl interacts with the MC.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. What software was used for this?

  4. Btw I want to point out in case people miss it.
    There there is a way to get Lynn with getting kicked out.

  5. I was able to pass and be part of the team, it was tricky, but do to me knowing Luma, Riley and Lynn personality I was able to pass on my second try of the demo.

    Like this, it’s like YOU are in this universe in the academy. You might want to carefully look at the front and back layout of your characters. Some have where Remi is bigger than Cain and is suppose to be in front of gain but is behind Cain. Yai suppose to be behind Cain but is upfront Cain looking way bigger than her. Maybe is a good idea to look at those layout of the front and back carefully before adding anything more to the VN. I think this VN we might finally hear Lynn saying Cain nickname Ms. ??? I forgot the nickname. LOL

    By the way there is also Renpy, a VN that is advance enough to run on Android, Linux, Mac, Windows and iOS. Renpy runs on Python scripting language. So you can add in shit and do some advance script. If Python script is your thing.

  6. I played and I liked, VN is a good choice of game to introduce the history or explain various thing like this one. But is not finished right?
    And one more question, every suite have a color of light, this mean something ? like red for nurse or fast ppl(like phia), green for scientist or defense (TT)….

  7. can you make one with Yui out of everyone i like her the most just saying 😀

  8. Tbh, I tried everything i thought of to see Lynn’s interaction with the player but so far I only got Remi, Luma & Riley :/ Is there actually a way to have Lynn doing something lewd?
    Also, do you think that either in ARIA the Rookie would be a cutscene or something where Lynn might do something with Cain (or other way around)? I think it would be quite hot. (If not, added in UMCH with Lynn/Cain or Maiko/Cain).
    And lastly, will there be a way to have Yui do something “nice” to the player (like Player/Yui or even Player/Yui/Kyle)?

    Anyways, thank you for your work, it’s looking already good and it’s cool to know certain things like Dizzy’s condition and etc.

    • Yeah Lynn does lewd stuff in this also.
      Lynn is not sexually attracted to Cain. Nor is the reverse true. Cain and Yui have a thing going.
      Yui refers to the rookie and kyle as kids so she is not sexually attracted to them. She actually finds Kyle pretty annoying. But something could be added later, just needs to make sense.

  9. It is nice VN. I liked it, it rally peaked my curiosity. Being able to play as yourself and involve in Umichan universe was a nice touch.
    Just curious in what timeline it takes place?
    UMCH playing perspective of Maiko is interesting and unique, but as for hentai games it can be awkward some time (for example a BJ scene, having a D shoved in your face in 1st person view) so i personally prefer male perspective or female in 3rd person view (I like to be the devil on her shoulder and manipulate her actions into some spicy situations)…
    Interactions between characters were good and enriching the universe of Umichan…
    It seems that Lynn lost some weight compared to the old pics… i guess Cain was strict to keep her from those hamburgers 🙂

    Some gimmicks of game that could be improved (but not really important)
    Text speed – could be faster or instant
    Skip option – could be an icon next to settings icon for easy access with toggle option so that you could stop skipping text after choosing response

    Only thing i didn’t really liked was getting Riley scene. Even if shes not super fond of Luma due to Maiko/Luma rivalry, insulting her teammate is probably not the best way to get her naked and saying huge tits are gross you kinda insult Maiko as well. But it could be just my misconception of Riley character and she likes than someone insults Lumas huge tits…
    So if you intrested I leave a suggestion how it could be improved (won’t be mad if you reject it) 🙂

    Riley: Makes sense. Well you must have “stimulated yourself” since you are walking around right?
    You: Actually not yet…
    Riley: Well you might want to do that before you faint again…
    You: Yeah about that…
    Riley: Wait, that’s not why you are here is it? You need a partner? You know the rules here right?
    You: 1. Yeah I was just hoping for a nice view to help boost my stimulation
    Riley: Sorry but it’s kinda creepy to ask me if you can mastrubate in front of me. It’s worse than this annoying guy I know back at Nanako.
    2. Yeah, Remi mentioned that but she still suggested to go ask help from one of you.
    Riley: So you came to me… why not Luma? She’s a lot more… stimulating… right?
    You: I’m truly not sure, before knowing I was already standing in front of you. But i guest it is unreasonable. I should just tough… (gets slightly dizzy)
    Riley: You’re Ok?
    You: Yeah, I’ll be Ok.
    Riley: Don’t act tough. Here… (takes of clothes) you just need some stimulation right? I’ll help.
    You: You sure about this?
    Riley: We are a team, right! It’s obvious to help one another and I would never forgive myself if I left you like this, but you owe me big time! Now hurry up, it is embarrassing being like this…
    You: Thanks, I’ll start right away. (fap fap fap)
    Riley: I hope I’ll be enough…
    You: You really are cute so no need to worry. (fap fap fap)
    Riley: Thanks… (geez I wonder what Maiko would say if she saw me like this… I guess it’s for a good medical reason though…)

    • thanks I can’t manipulate the buttons here like in flash where I am making everything from scratch.

      test speed is a setting I can change I think.

      this story begins roughly at same time as the start of UMCH. more or less

      Yeah making a game from male pov that is a not someone they already don’t like, such as Kyle, helps to understand the characters better. The Riley scene is accurate. I will explain below.

      Riley is not crazy about Maiko’s big boobs either because Riley has slight boob envy. Luma is always boasting about how big her boobs are which annoys Riley. Maiko on the other hand doesn’t brag about her boobs. saying something general about not liking big boob would not be seen as offending Maiko. it would just make her feel better since she has small ones.

      Riley is not overly fond of Luma in general, teammate or not, because of her attitude how she looks down on others, especially the “nerds”. Has nothing to do with Maiko really. One reference I can make is in UMCC when first enter the shower in the girls lockerroom. it is not possible to beat UMCC without going in there if you don’t manipulate the settings so you can assume it is canon. Also take note of the opening hallway scene at the start of the game also. Look at the dynamic between Luma and Riley. They are not chummy pals. So that plus boob envy makes the rookie saying ew Luma big boobs gross, is something she likes.

      Players at some point can realize why Luma picks on Maiko and others, it is her way to motivate them. But Riley doesn’t see it nor would agree with it even if she understood it. They just have to get along since they are on a team so she keep the peace for the sake of the team, for Lynn especially, by not bringing it up.

      Also your suggestion of Riley doesn’t fit her character romantically. I was actually just talking to @jccq89 about something similar to this earlier today. Character’s like Riley would need to be talked into sexual stuff. they would not imitate or offer it as you have it written here.

      also that point Riley and rookie are not really teammates yet because the rookie is still in tryouts.

      • thanks for clearing that out 🙂

        • np. also forgot to mention, look at how Riley describes Luma to the rookie when Riley first appears. she asks him if he saw a big breasted loud mouth around here or something like that heh.

          • actually that one is what confused me… it’s like love and hate relationship, you say bad things but deep down you understand that person. Riley being smart and serious person (+ class prez and student council) i though she could see through her shell, but i guess even Riley has her quirks and stubbornness in some regards…

            well there still are many gaps to fill to fully understand their personalities.

          • yeah it is why I felt the need to make this game so it can be better understood.
            she doesn’t like Luma’s methods but she doesn’t have to like them to get along with Luma.
            Actually the clues are there for the Luma /Riley dynamic.

            You also might be putting the blame too much on Riley. Or rather holding her to a high standard even if she has to deal with Luma’s bullshit. Yes she is class president and smart, etc but Riley is not perfect, or above getting frustrated with someone she sees as obnoxious. She has plenty of reason not to be fond of Luma that can be seen in currently released stuff. Look at the umcc opening hallway scene. Joriy and Luma causing a scene with Maiko and name calling and making threats. Look at UMCC shower scene. no extra showers and Luma instantly pissed when Maiko and Riley step in to the shower. Luma also talks about her tits and her looks often. If you notice in The Rookie Riley is not fond of talking about looks, calling her cute, etc. Also in the rookie during the first mission the rookie was supposed to go on, Riley is very concerned about being late for the mission, and Luma clearly gives no fucks and would rather ask the rookie about her looks. This is frustrating for Riley. At Nakao, Riley is in charge, but at the Academy Luma is in charge. So it makes a interesting dynamic because Riley likes to get things done orderly and on time, etc. it is why she is class prez. so Luma in charge at the academy is frustrating for her. Also idk if you are on the patreon but if not you will see it eventually, on the Bri dream scene in ARIA 2.6 before they talk to Bri, Luma and Riley are going back and forth about what to do about a distress signal Lynn got.

            idk about saying Riley is stubborn. imo she is doing fairly well considering the situation, she just needs to vent a little heh. saying things “like have you seen a big tit loud mouth” when talking about Luma gives her that very small pleasure she needs to keep smiling and deal with the situation. It maybe a little immature, and that may be be the quirk you talking about, but yeah it is Riley giving herself a small amount of pleasure that maker her feel a little better. It is unfortunate but saying a few bad things about Luma is the fast track way to be friends with Riley heh. it her guilty pleasure but it helps her cope.

            hopefully all of this explain why the Riley scene in the rookie is what way it is.

            as a side note Luma gets into with Phia a lot also I just haven’t really put a focus on it yet. If I expanded the game I would add Phia to show this. However unlike Riley Phia can go toe to toe with Luma because Phia is also a sexy hot popular chick (as seen by other characters in the game). Phia is also Riley’s trainer coincidentally heh.

            yeah there is a lot there when you really dig into their personalities.

  10. Is there a way to join the team in the end?

  11. I didn’t know there was a way to get Lynn or Riley naked… and covered in cum…
    When I found out… Well, it was awesome.

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    • also as I mentioned there is a way to get Lynn scene without getting kicked out in case you missed it heh.

      • without kicked out??? I get caught by Cain with my pants down, and you know how protective he is of Lynn

        • yeah it’s that forbidden fruit so you pay the price heh. but yeah there is a way to see Lynn stuff without getting kicked off the team.

          • damn it!!! now i will have to go back and find it…

          • I nearly given up looking only to realize that I simple reload to soon 🙂
            But damn… didn’t expected for Lynn to be that assertive, I only thought of her as easily susceptible…

          • you are leaning about characters heh. Lynn is assertive when she feels she needs to make up for something. You have to look at the situation and also compare it to other games, it is the only way you will really understand their personalities fully. in The Rookie Lynn is trying to make up for something that is really no fault of her own. It can be seen in ARIA also. At the end of the game you learn that Natan attacked Lynn to steal her cream and framed Jeo. It is not Lynn’s fault Natan wanted to steal her cream and blame Jeo for it, but there she is in ARIA way off in space somewhere trying to make up for something she is not really at fault for heh. Even ditched Cain and Yui to go do this.

          • Well I didn’t look that much in Lynn’s personality, just was surprised that she herself offered that without MC dropping at least hints for her or making her feel guilty somehow to do that… I imagined her being bit more naive on sexual front and needed to coerce or trick her into it (like – oh you did something wrong and want to apologise ha? well in that case …xxx…!!! or – it is for his sake, you need to do it to save his life…! well something like this, might be not the best examples but whatevs)

            By the way – why faping to Remi red flags Lynn? Didn’t catch that at all

  12. I didn’t make the team, but at least I was a regular agent. I dislike Luma and Yui anyways…

  13. Finally got the Lynn sexy scene without getting kicked out. Took a while to figure out. x___x any tips on how to get that leaving the academy Luma scene you were talking about?

  14. Still haven’t found a way to get this illusive “Sexy Lynn Scene without Team Kicking” scene that you have mentioned. And still have not ascertained any clues from the present comments on how to get this scene. So I’m giving up until further hints are given. Or until the game is updated with new shit.

    The game is good, if terribly short and VERY repetitive. The fapping motion bits are kind of annoying since you can’t skip them. I have also encountered the Remi glitch where she does not return to a normal size after applying the cure (and remains as such in subsequent playthroughs). This could probably be remedied very easily in the code, but I’m not an expert.

  15. Very good game, I hope you put more work into this. I still can’t get the Lynn scene though. I’ve gotten Remi and Luma, and I haven’t been able to get Riley after trying for her 5 times. Still I can’t wait to see day 2 and 3. Keep up the good work!

  16. Pretty fun game, embarrassed to say it took me 3 tries to figure it out. The girls more or less behave the way they do in other games so I really should have figured it out sooner.

    Is there a way to stop the game from skipping once it starts? After the 2nd time playing it I just wanted to skip stuff I already read but then it kept skipping through new stuff.

  17. Damn hahaah I have tried all the choices, but I am missing somthing… I can’t seem to get the Lynn covered in cum scene. Maybe am missing something vital?

    Great game really, love it. An awesome addition to the ARIA series

  18. Sweet game! I’m definitely hoping for a Yui scene one day though, I’ll keep checking in for any additional content

  19. Love Remi so much. Are there any games beside ARIA which include scenes with her?

  20. Hi Vortex, I’ve been lurking around for quite some time now and I noticed that the academy background is similar to another visual-novel-like game Re:Maid by marblesyrup on Newgrounds. No idea if know about this, but I just wanted to make sure that you avoid any problems later.

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    • Probably a pre-made background for a free usage.

    • The background is originally from a royalty-free background pack sold on dlsite.
      That site provides developers art resources such as backgrounds, character art, music, and various other art assets that they can use to put into their games and legally sell commercially.

      dlsite is the easiest thing to use because they probably already have a nice looking set of BGs, or consistent high quality images there that illustrates the ideas you had in mind for how a particular place looks. I actually see more I need to get XD
      All my backgrounds for UMCC and UMCH are bought from that site also. Though some I had to edit a bit to make new rooms, and in some cases I combined parts from different images to make a new one.

      • Nice, it’s good to see that there’s an opportunity for developers to make their games without an expensive group of background artists. And they all look great too!
        Well, back to lurking.
        Good luck, Vortex, can’t wait to see more of UMCH ^_^

  21. Hey very nice as usual but I’m very sad since I really tried many different ways but never got to be part of the team. IDK why but I can’t get Riley’s approval even if I tell her how cute she is (and indeed, how cute she is 😉 ), if I tell everyone to hurry up and do the mission and if I tell how Luma’s boobs are cow-ish. Sad, since I really like your universe. Keep it up, you are doing a great job.

  22. Sweet game. Still haven’t gotten on the team with Lynn scene though. I do have a small idea. When the girls get naked maybe you can add a button that asks them to turn around so you can get a view of their asses instead of their tits. It could work for Remi and Luma easily and for Lynn and Riley you can say maybe turning around will make it easier. I’m more of a butt guy so any opportunities for more butts in your games gets me excited. I know you will have to make the new dialogue and have to draw whole new art of them turned around so you might no do it but at least maybe consider??
    Also being able to fap to Yui would be cool. You could put it in the scene where you meet her after Yui leaves. Also if you do it with her maybe she will do something with you in the forest :^) Although i don’t really know Yui’s character and if she will do that sort of thing and also I’m not sure if the forest is still school grounds, but again, just an idea to consider. Looking forward to more updates!! 🙂

    • Yeah I will keep it in mind for now. Currently we are in the middle of art needed for other stuff. All the art for day 2 of The Rookie is done also so we would have to back track quite a bit. However you might be glad to know I’m about to start working on a game centered around butts heh.

  23. fappingspiders

    Just one question. I made it to the team but game ends there? Is that it?

    • Yes atm that is where the game ends. I planned for 3 days total. so far it is just one day. I’m in the process of working on day 2 among other stuff for other game projects.

  24. Are there plans for a gallery mode after completing the game? Will there be any animation or just still pictures?

    • I plan to add a gallery will be added after all 3 days are complete. animation will be in day 2 and 3. I might retrofit day 1 to have jiggling tits.
      working on day 2 currently

  25. If you’ve made a post about this, I’m sorry, I’ve been off my PC for a month. But what is the state of this project? I know you have lots of shit on your plate right now, so keep it up, but I’m just curious about the state of this.

    • I’m in the middle of writing the script and branching paths of how the game will work. I’ll finish after the ARIA update.I plan have the rookie updated this month.

  26. day 2 adds several animated sex gifs to the game that I was working on here:

    TheRookie sex animation wip

    it is possible to have sex scenes with riley, luma, lynn, (not on the same playthough and you need to be on the team at the end of day 1)
    in the game on day 2 are also sex scenes with remi, TT and the character a see Rinoga boobs.

    everything is tested and working, joining team, unlocking the sex scenes etc.

  27. Anyone Know how to get the Riley and Lynn scenes?

  28. I think you can have the scene with Riley when you don’t have sex with Rinoga, TT or Remi on Day 2 and you choose her to seek the sentinel. But I don’t know how to do for Lynn or Luma on day 2

  29. any future plans to maybe be able to chose the main characters gender like female or herm or even shemale?

  30. I figured out Riley with help from the comments, but Lynn is damn hard. Any advice to stay on the team anyone?

  31. Ok got Lynn on the 1st day while staying on the team, you just got to not ask and she will do it on the end of the day, but I’m stuck on getting her sex scene on day 2.

  32. A few tips (no spoilers, bad english)

    For Luma. Day one – do the right choices to make her like you (if there is the boobs close-up while you fap, you did it right). Day 2 – tell Phia it’s tempting, don’t masturbate/get sucked/fuck and go find the probe with Luma. Tell her you’re still sick. Boom, titfuck

    For Riley. Day one – do the right choices to allow you to fap in front of her. Day 2 – stay insensitive to Phia. Don’t masturbate/get sucked/fuck and go find the probe with Riley. Tell her you’re sick. Boom, handjob

    Didn’t do it for Lynn yet, but i assume it’s the same patern (you have to fap in front of her without being kicked by Cain)


    BTW, Vortex00, you’re damn good at what you’re doing 😉

  33. guide walk-through being acepted on the team on day one plus lynn h-scene
    *Some guy named cain
    *Holy Shit those are huge
    *Yes I am, nice to meet you
    *Yeah, they are pretty distracting to be honest
    – its perfect (for luma jiggly animation on day one h-scene)
    – we should probably get going (for Riley jiggly animation on day one h-scene)
    *can you have sex with me
    *I’ll go ask one of them
    – do you mind stripping nude (Remi for day one H-scene)
    *Lynn is beautiful and kind
    *Nah, ….
    *(stay out of it)
    *(let him pass)
    *just following orders
    *I was wondering if you could help me masturbate
    *wow, it is very beatiful
    *do you mind getting naked?

    congrats, day one passed plus lynn jiggly animation for day one h-scene obtained

  34. Finally! day 2! downloading now 🙂 thanks

  35. Is there actually a way not to fall asleep during TT’s lecture?

  36. I got Day 1 for Lynn down myself but can’t figure out Day 2. Help?

  37. I love this game so much. Keep up the amazing work, Vortex. 😀

  38. I figured all the scenes of Day 2 (I don’t think Ari is possible).
    Loving the way the stories are starting to get closer and closer.
    Thanks a lot for it

    PD: I found a typo when you’re asking Luma to “pose”. It says “Yeah, I know about that condition. You actually have it *thoguh*?”

  39. Courtney O'Brien

    Can i say that i enjoyed but when you meet phia (I that is her name when you chooses luma) her personality seams different then in UMCH or am i just looking into it too much?

  40. One thing that is bothering me. On day two Jeo and Ari attend TT’s lecture with the rookie but on ARIA’s she introduced herself to jeo as if it were their first time meeting. I know he had his hair dyed but Ari was calling him Jeo on the hallway. was it a little slip or was he also supposed to be undercover on TT’s lecture?

    • In ARIA it is the first time TT has formally met Jeo. TT doesn’t know any of the students in this class. You can see Ari before the class telling Jeo about TT. That because he doesn’t know who she is either. The class is assumed to be big since it is mandatory for all agents. Also it is a refresher class that happens every so often. With lots of students and not happening often TT doesn’t know the students in the class to be able to identify them by name.

      • ok, got it. I assumed it was a little classroom because of the background image, but if it was in an auditorium and aimed to all agents it makes perfect sense. thanks for clarifying it

  41. I think the game is in a great state right now. Besides a few spelling errors, there seems like there should be more opportunities for sexual activity like with Phia, you run into her later in the day or with Yui, even though she and Cain have a thing. Maybe something with Ari as well but is Bri ever going to show up? A scene with Rinoga would also be wonderful.

    Anyways, continue with the good work and have a nice day! 🙂

  42. How do you get luma H-scene?

  43. Great game so far, was kinda hoping that you would get to have Phia join you when you look for the sentinel so you could get a scene with her as well. Any possibility of seeing Yui nude in future? Also a full nude of Rinoga would be awesome.

  44. Courtney O'Brien

    can i ask what are the endings going to be?

  45. Very well made Vortex00, really interested in next days to come. I know you probably have other games in the working/priority on other games but if this game’s development is pushed a bit harder that would be awesome. 🙂 Really loving the interaction between the rookie and Lynn/Riley, interested in what he’ll “teach” them.

  46. I really like all your work Vortex00, for Luma, Lynn and Riley there are total of 3 scenes in this game right? (Besides masturbation scenes)


  47. Just a heads up norton antivirus takes the .exe out of the windows download every time you try and play :/

  48. When is the next update coming up? Can’t wait for day 3. Also is your ARIA remake finished? If so, when are you planning on releasing it?

    • I have the outline for day 3 but need to write it. I also need to add stuff to day 1 and 2. I’ll might have some kind of estimate of a release after the script is done and day 1 and 2 are redone.

  49. Okay, I’m able to get with Lynn Day one but what about day 2? I’m so confused, what am I supposed to do to get that day two scene with Lynn?

  50. Is there a way to not fall asleep in the classroom where TT is teaching?

  51. in wich game can i find yui scenes

  52. i was listening to suicide silence while playing, every time the screen started to bounce it was bouncing to the beat, also Lynn is by far my favourite girl in any of your games and i’m glad too be able to “interact” with her good work as always

  53. Any updates on the third day? Loving this so far

  54. Damn i’ve managed to get Luma’s and Riley’s day 2 scenes but i cant for the life of me figure out how to get Lynn’s scene for the second day, Is it in day 2 or is it a day 3 option?, I thought i had cracked the code to getting thier scenes but alas Vortex you have defeated me, gg my man 🙂

    Note: (If anyone is strugging with getting the day 2 scenes for Luma and Riley just tell Remi your condition is fine , dont lie to Rinoga or TT butsay ur still ill to them and they will begin their scene)

    • Lynn’s scene is in the game already and on day two. And I know it works, but at this point I’ve forgotten exactly how. She is always a bit different from the other two. But always the trick with Lynn is you need to not be trying to get sex from her.

  55. Found a typo during the meeting in Rinoga’s office. the line “What the hell “are” kind of of operation are u idiots running here” hope this helps.

  56. lol i cumming to Rinoga (in the game) XD ahahaha

  57. I think that Yui needs the Rookie to make her feel young in day three, her eyes are so piercing and sexy!

  58. for 2nd day lynn scene you need to stay insensitive to Phia, don’t masturbate, fuck or get sucked and do the sentinel thing alone. at the end of day you meet her in the hall waiting for cain. tell her you are fine then tell her you could teach her and you get a handjob.

  59. i have two small VNs I want to finish them i will start back working on this. One of them I plan to finish today

  60. saves from jailbreak transfer into becoming the rookie saves. don’t know if you can fix this but anything helps

  61. Is the update for this game coming in the next few weeks? Thanks

  62. Is the update for the rookie coming in the next few weeks? Thanks

  63. When will a sex scene for lynn be added?

    • The only old art I have left to add is the remi and Ari sex scenes. Anything else did get created. I can try to whip something together from the old art but idk how it will look.

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