March 24, 2024

23 thoughts on “Different Cafe outfits (feedback requested)

  1. the head piece on Jeni might be a bit much (imo), but it’s nice to see a refresh every once and a while

    1. Thanks yeah probably won’t have that. I didn’t even notice it was missing from the other characters until you mentioned it.

  2. the white (right) top and the peach (left) skirt without any of the red outfit would be fucking amazing though lol

  3. OMG they’re so cute and obey the laws of physics even more than the other ones! I’d say maybe play with the colors a bit, but it’s SO CUTE!!!

    1. Many thanks~ The design is mostly ttrop’s idea. I actually redesigned the top though. It used to be just suspender straps heh.

  4. I like the white/red.
    It make no sense, and there is no way it would stay in place, but that’s the fun and the point of it.

  5. What I like about the new ones is the exposed midriff, the skirt with aprons look better and so does the color.
    However, I like the classic right costumes most, because they have more boob and nipple exposed. It’s more pervy and lewd to wear in public, nearly touching exhibitionism, which I absolutely love.

  6. I like the design of the new uniform but I am not so fond of the color, a colder palette might work better here

  7. Much, much, MUCH better, the old ones looked so ridiculous, now we only need the boobs to look less alien like and were set.

  8. Personally I always found the original cafe outfits (White top and red skirt) to be rather demeaning. The just seem a bit undone and tacky to me.
    However the Left hand design, on my left (I’m right handed) The Brown skirt, Brown top, White apron and Red bow in the front I like. 🙂 They appeal more charming to me.
    Just wanted to share my thoughts.
    Thanks. 😉

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