January 2, 2024

17 thoughts on “3D backgrounds for 2D?

  1. The gym, the bookstore and the very last one look really well done, the others aren’t bad by all means, but theres something with the lighting or shading that makes them look better, and helps the characters look more natural. Maybe the lighter colours help the characters blend in easier and look natural but I’m not sure, just what I think.

  2. Looking Great! 🙂 Also i think there are certain Programs that can turn 3D Images into 2D ones too if you need it… 🙂

    1. Thanks. I’ve tried a few ways in photshop to make them look a bit more 2D but didn’t really look how I wanted. adding black outlines via the game engine gave the best results so far.

  3. It’s very good overall, but there’s a few instances where they look out of place, mainly the 2nd and 7th images. Too obvious a contrast, but I don’t know what would solve it becauses forcing a pose-change.

    1. these are just quick examples but yeah I can either ask ttrop make unique art for it and/or adding outlines to the backgrounds helps a lot.

  4. If it doesn’t look right, there’s always the posterize filter! It definitely helps make things look more cartoony. 🙂

  5. I think it clash a little bit. But it can be fixed. A 3D environment can look like very cartoonish with proper taxtures and rendering.
    Aside that i don’t really care. Whatever is more practical for you.

  6. Hey, these POV tits looks great.Did you turn them into a new game?Or more exactly what are the new projects you have been working on?

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