Project Updates

Just wanted to post some quick updates of what I am working on right now.

The UMCH Lite engine I have been working on is mostly done. There was a patreon release of it last month. I’ll have an online browser version here hopefully before or during the weekend. I finished importing all characters and their different pieces and parts so they can have different facial expressions and outfits. I also finished and imported a lot of the 3D backgrounds I talked about in earlier posts. I still need to work out how I will handle sounds and background music. This month I plan to recreate Umichan Sorani in the new engine after I get the sound stuff worked out. I will probably start on that in a few days from now.

Meanwhile I have been trying to grind to the finish line on the 3D Arielle game. I have done mission 3 and I’m in the middle of finishing mission 4 (out of 5 total). I also imported in all the 3D sex animations but only half are used in the game right now (since i’m not done yet). I finished the various optional areas and drag race portion of the game. There are also a several things like outfits to unlock. I’ll have a detailed post about that later once I finish a complete rough build of the game from start to finish. Similar to this post:

3D Arielle Project Update 10

The last mission is not that long it’s mostly planned to be just a boss fight.

so for 3D Arielle it’s looking like

a 3rd person cover shooter RPG base game with:

5 main story missions (3 have hidden bonus enemies)
3rd person flying shooter segments between missions 1-3
several dialogue scenes that advances the story
10 3D sex animations
13 arena challenges (5 requires unlocking)
drag race minigame
sexy yoga view mode
sexy dance view mode
4 unlockable outfits

I also plan to have various 2D unlockable sex animations once i get this base portion done.

Then I wanted to test the UMCH Lite engine out by recreating Umichan Sorani how I originally planned. Some may remember than game had a segment in there where Zytra runs into random characters in the mall and that encounter can play out different depending on the character. Well now there are a bunch of character in the engine so I wanted to make use of that. Also the game will be is proper 16:9 format and make use of all the additional zytra animations created since the Sorani VN game.

so sorry of lack of posting, It’s just a lot to do before the month ends. This is on top of MMD video content, and I’ve been dealing with car issues since nearly the start of the month.