January 2, 2024

Advanced Rogue Intelligence Operation (ARIO)

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110 thoughts on “Advanced Rogue Intelligence Operation (ARIO)

    1. which song? I this games has 3 songs as I recall. I made 2 of them myself from loop samples. the other was from a dlsite royalty free pack.

  1. The Planet that looks like a sun (if its a sun, then i will feel dumb xD) is really difficult to complete. Im not saying NERF that planet, I really love a challenge. Just need to ask, how do you beat it? I can tell what all four have the greatest advantage on, but their disadvantage makes it very likely to just wipe them out. But instead of all of that, amazing game 😀 Btw, only got to the 1st planet and Mr. SunShine. The other three are yet to be discovered!

    1. you need to capture a node asap. and use it to recover HP/hull. don’t have time to linger around. Characters like phia are fast enough to dodge flames for fly through them fast enough to not take as much damage. TT can shield through it. Arielle has easy time clearing the map of enemies. but yes I made sure all characters can win on all the planets.

      1. Phia is borderline useless cause every time I dare use her on a planet she get’s spam hammered before I can even get a shot at getting a node.

          1. So spending money makes her more useful? The problem with her is if you trying to do a planet and all the enemies are swarm camping all the nodes, it’s pretty much game over as it is impossible to hit them as you only hit the node that they then hit as well in a tug of war until her glass ship breaks. If it were possible to pilot her AND shoot independently then I might be able to do something with her rather then the odd occasion where I actually get a chance to take a node and actually get a shot at winning.

            That stupid laser on the bottom left most planet sucks, takes me out even when I do manage to evade the damn targeting reticle. I got lucky using Phia once but even she ain’t fast enough to evade it…

          2. Phia could be more difficult for you to use but I made sure all girls can complete all planets. You mention her having a glass ship but all the girls actually have the same HP/hull total and take the same amount of damage. Phia should be the easiest for you to dodge the target circle if you time your turns. If enemies are camping nodes, kill the strays around the map, then you need to move close enough to camped enemies to them to get them to start moving away from the node.

      1. It was excelent, the fire planet and the with the tentacles are very challenging but doable with every character. There are a couple typos (I’d check again today to point them out) and a bug when you load (not all the planets are finished and one is 30/5). Looking forward for more updates 🙂

  2. So far great game, gameplay is good and I actually prefer this to original playstyle. The only problem seems to be that the load button doesn’t work, and resets all the values back to 0, even ship health and everything.

  3. Hello!

    I would like to say that ARIO is quite a nice game. I find capturing nodes more challenging than old ARIA battles, for some reason and it’s a lot more dynamic.
    But I would also like to add that I miss old ARIA Jeo’s style where he could have done whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Plus this new Jeo is a lot more focused on work and chasing Nathan and he’s rejecting sex until enough collected nodes, which is quite weird for him 😛
    Another thing I would like to add is that I miss old ARIA character appearances (aka models) and I really dislike the new ones. Also, the ARIA had much better sex scenes than this game. The best models so far I’ve seen in UMCH and ARIA: The Rookie games, I really love those ones.
    However, ARIO has quite amazing story and dialogs.

    Keep up the good work Vortex00!

  4. Vortex please, Im begging you to put the patreon button somehwere else, but not near the play-window
    cuz its so annoying when I multi-click on nodes and all, and then out of nowhere patreon shows up. please.

  5. I ask vortex if a downloadable version will come later, good game but there are some details in which I realized, that when loading a saved game, when selecting the map the number of nodes that is shown is not correct since the places That already e captured are shown as 0/5 or 30/5 xD but in general the game is very good without any problem more … continue with your great work

  6. No!!!! I misclicked trying to skip that non-ARIA-esque song (not that it’s bad, it just doesn’t really fit in and it’s weird cutting into and out of that kind of song) and lost all my progress. The save system isn’t fair here. For one there is no local save, which is devastating. It may also be broken; I loaded the save I did have from copying the code and it says 0/5 nodes for most of the ones I have unlocked and yet I have 35 nodes captured.

    1. keep the save code, there is a problem with the load code i need to fix. will update game soon.
      not sure how you lost progress by trying to change the song heh.

      1. I clicked the power button when I meant to hit the options button. They are very close together and both have a round icon. An honest mistake that cost me quite a bit. Glad the loading is working now.

    1. far from useless heh. you need to know how to play to her strengths. all the characters play differently.
      with phia she is fast enough that you can fly in certain patterns to dodge everything.
      you need to use attack ships lot more, basically just hold down 1 key.
      also with phia you can get nodes to really high numbers in seconds hold nodes and camp them to get life or while you take out enemies or get other nodes.
      other can characters can use attack ships to get nodes but not boost them up quickly.
      with phia you always need to be looking for, or keep an eye on, the node with little to no enemies around it. and with her speed you can get to it quickly get it super high count. and use it as a HP battery to complete the rest of the area.

  7. I had the same issue with saving as several others, but from what I did play I like it quite a bit. I prefer it to ARIA (As I suck at the space battles for no discernible reason) and I like the art style here better than ARIA. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinoytoons’s work, he’s how I found this great site in the first place, but I like Bri’s new design quite a bit.

    1. Thanks glad you like the art. the save is working I just need to fix the loading part of it. I will upload a fix today.

  8. Just my thoughts, but it seems that Phia’s laser is weaker in terms of damage. I understand that the laser speed is supposed to compensate, but because Phia’s ship is also fast it’s hard to get off enough shots before you collide with whatever you’re shooting at. As a result, it’s hard enough getting more than two shots in without taking severe damage, and if you’re attacking an enemy ship, not only is there the collision risk but Phia is charging into enemy fire. By comparison, Bri might be slower at speed and firing, but in the time it takes her to fire 2 shots she’ll take less damage typically than Phia will in the time it takes to fire 4 since Bri can fire and then evade while Phia will be almost on top of the enemy before she’s finished. If Phia’s laser was as strong as TT and Bri, her advantages would be a little less double edged.

    Just a suggestion.

      1. She definitely has certain advantages I’ll admit, primarily if she’s facing a boss ship one-on-one like on the water planet. In such situations she’s easier than Ari, whose ship is at just the right speed to make defending a node difficult (one of the few cases where TT being slow is actually preferred). What I’ve found though is that even with her improved attack ships boosting captured nodes, if she’s facing more than 4-6 enemies she can rarely hold a node for more than an instant. In empty space that’s more than enough in most cases, but on certain planets she gets overwhelmed easily.

        One issue I’ve encountered with the attack ships. They occasionally glitch during battle. Instead of flying in towards your ship, they’ll flicker all over the map as though moving at high speeds. They’ll still reduce node counts sometimes, but often it won’t be the node you were targeting.

  9. Another minor point. Bri seems a little over-powered on certain levels because her laser slowdown ability also cuts the maximum range of the lasers in many cases. As a result, on some missions the nodes are out of enemy firing range so Bri can just seize a node, blast away all the enemies, and then even if there’s a boss ship she can’t lose unless she intentionally takes enemy fire or goes too far from a node.

      1. That’s fine if it’s supposed to be that way. It just felt like I was cheating certain levels. It almost felt like it would be harder to intentionally lose than it would be to win.

        1. When I was testing all the girls yeah I noticed the projectiles would not reach when playing as her. the solution is simple, just need to extend the lifetime of the enemy projectiles when playing as Bri. but I figured I would leave it as it was heh. Other girls like Ari have a fairly easy time winning also. plus in the lore Bri is a special weapon they use when they need to ensure they win. So just left it as it is. blocking projectiles was kind of annoying to do with all them also tbh heh. For Bri I found it okay to not have to do that.

  10. Hey, great game! One minor gripe (Though it probably cant be helped) when i spawn into an area with alot of enemies the frame rate just completely dies! Any chance of a downloadable version of this so i dont have this problem? Otherwise, keep doing what youre doing!

    1. Thanks, I think flash in general is just optimized to handle many objects running separate code in each of them. Also after the game is loads at he start and playing on your computer, it’s performance from there is based on the computer you play on. Has nothing to do with internet connection or the host server from there. I’m bit hesitant am having downloads for these since some aspects of the game are designed to work with this site.

  11. I have all 215 and am trying to deploy on the last planet but it says that we have all scanner nodes and should use the map to deploy somewhere else. what am i doing wrong?

  12. Phia is definitely the hardest of all the characters to play. I’ve read your other replies and while she can hold a node well, she can’t take it as well as the other characters can. You need to be near the node so when it turns you can heal but once it turns it gets blasted back to grey almost instantly. Aria can take a node easily with her ability pretty much clearing the map. Tiffany can take a node pretty well thanks to the shield blocking 5 hits. Bri can take nodes easily since enemy fire is short range against her and usually can’t hit the node unless they’re on top of it. I wouldn’t say she’s bad or useless, but she takes significantly more skill to use than any of the other pilots.

    1. I am okay with that. Like I said I tested them all on every stage and felt no reason to change Phia. She is not bad or useless you just actually have to play the game lol. you can’t play her like the other girls where you basically ignore the enemy lasers. because phia doesn’t have some kind of mechanic that prevents laser from hitting her one way or another. there is no hand holding with her. you have to use strategy to win, and different one than just barreling into groups of enemies. you have to dodge in and out, etc. I explained her strategy in other replies.

      yes with Ari basically you never have to ever fight enemies at all, because you can clear the map right at the start before your invincibility runs out so it is way too easy. With phia you actually have to fight all of them and it balances he other girls being so easy to play. also with phia you should not be be trying to brute force a node surrounded by enemies. she is not designed for that and yes you will have trouble if you are trying to do that. just fly around them in a circle and come back and capture the node. gain a bit of life if needed. rise and repeat.

      one thing I have been looking at though it that at times it seems like only one of phia’s ships can add to the node total at a time. the other 4 ships will kind of fly through the node until the correct ship hits it. That part is not working as intended so I will have look at it.

      1. I understand that you have played all of these yourself and so it is “possible” for all characters to beat all missions, but people wouldn’t keep bringing it up here if it wasn’t frustating and un-fun. Some things are a fun challenge, but playing Phia isn’t one of them.

        The super-tight turning circle means that I can’t shoot at something without flying directly at it, fast, directly into its fire. I also move too fast to get very many shots off in a run, so the “fast shooting” isn’t a bonus, it only brings her loadout to average. Attack runs are so fast and then I spend ages circling all the way around the map again and again and again.

        I understand you tested it yourself. But people are clearly trying to let you know that, in their opinion, Phia is the weakest gameplay experience for the player. Less fun, more frustrating, less rewarding. It’s not about missions being “possible”. Its about them being fun. I need to unlock Phia scenes now and I’m dreading it.

        (P.S. – Also, Phia is the “easiest” girl. Unlocking her H scenes should be easier than anyone elses, from a thematic point of view. Thats not gameplay though, just my blue balls for Phia speaking)

        1. I hear you but I don’t feel it is something I need to immediately jump in and just make easier because three or so people mentioned it. people that think something is fine don’t really don’t have a reason to comment on it because it is not a issue. and some other people that agree that is difficult may also not comment. the solution is not always make something easier. And yeah I think your PS message is the main reason people have commented so far, you feel as though she should be the easiest character to win with because of her personality. Imo Phia is fine and everyone else is way too easy. Also I think if phia ships were not buggy as always worked as intended when colliding with nodes she would be fine. That is the primary thing I want to have a look at for this game before doing anything else with it.

  13. updated this game to 1.1b. wanted to take a look into collision issues between the attack ships and the nodes but I could not get it work without causing the game to severely lag making it unplayable. Better collision detection means more cpu power needed to detect. so instead I just altered some values for folks having some concern about Phia having difficult gamplay. now when she captures a node it starts at 20 units, this allows her to capture nodes under pressure and heal some before it might get taken back. and each of her attack ships adds 5 for already captured nodes. So it easier to play as her but still keep her focus of not trying to clear out the map of all enemy ships since that is not her role.

    if you think about all the together on the map at the same time. Bri slows down enemas, Ari clears them out with laser, TT shields everyone and ally nodes, and phia captures the nodes. so individually that is what they do on the areas here also.

    1. yeah they are the last 2 scenes for each character. it is not typical how I would make the scenes. In this game you need to work you way to the h-scenes.

  14. Great game Vortex, I love the new character models and I’m happy you got around to implementing them.

    About the game, is the Lab supposed to exist?

    1. Also, I don’t get where everyone saying that Phia is too weak is coming from. imo she is broken and can win 3 nodes over in less than 10 seconds.

  15. I was hoping if this game were to be offline as well so i’d be able to download but so far i’m just a bit disappointed but it’s alright i guess…good game but hope it was worth it

    1. yeah I here you, I’m not sure if I’m particularly a fan of how it is implemented either, it was more of recommendation. the ideas is you see increasingly more as you unlock stuff. clothes to nude, then partial animation, then full animation. so all the animation scenes are the last to unlock. very different from most of my other games.

  16. I’m getting an issue with the “tutorial”. At the stage where Tiffany asks you to move to a new area on the map. It docent seem to register the action, and I’m stuck with her saying “Now let’s use the map to move to a new area.”
    I haven’t seen anyone else mention the issue though.

    1. Yeah just click the planet area, or the space area under the starting area. Tiffany will still have the same text there but you can do the other areas. it is something I need to fix.

  17. I think the game is fine, but the animations got a little less impressive than 1st game, the 1st game had really good animations.

  18. Seems to be a problem with the planet at the bottom left. The scope that 1-shots you can still kill you even if you’re not within it. I’m clearly flying outside of the scope yet it’ll still kill me.

  19. Vortex00 – good job 😉
    Perhaps you should add note to bri – if hold Q Slow efect is removed and she start healing

    Just for me

  20. Please log in, and make sure you access this game through the game page on spiralvortexplay if you see this message.I do not know why?

      1. I was download the chrome browser already but in this page the game site still nothing and I will be mad…Which browser can play this game…

          1. it is tested and confirmed working in at least Chrome and Firefox. again make sure your browser supports iframes and does not block cookies. something you have might be blocking cookies, maybe a virus software.

  21. Bri’s gun only fires half the time and steering her is super laggey and gets me killed immediately, I thing there is something wrong with her slow power.

    1. Hmm haven’t had anyone else report this issue and I don’t recall ever noticing anything like that. you might mention what browser and OS you are playing on so I can try to see what’s up.

  22. Thank you for answer me.I can play ARIA,ARIA the rookies and maze but this game is white and nothing in the game site.I think is not about the cookies and I was try to use 4 different browser but still nothing in there. I think it is must be someting wrong with my VNP.You know our Chinese must use VPN to visit foreign site.so what is your idea?

    1. I don’t think iframes works with a vpn because this webpage, and other games here with patreon bonuses, opens a new page inside the page. the page that is opened inside it likely not going to be a vpn page. it is why you can load this page ok, but not the game itself. the game is actually on a different page that needs to play from this page to work properly. if it can’t work properly it won’t display at all. the page inside the page being blocked will cause it not even try to display. well that is what i think is happening if you are using a vpn.

      1. Is this game not free?I can not play this game because I do not pay the patreon donate?.(/ω\)I want to pay for your wonderful game but I do not have foreign visa credit card.Do you have other way to pay for the game?

        1. It is free. but there are small added bonuses in this game for patrons. however the issue i described about why the game is not working for you is not a patreon issue. it is a iframe issue. being a patron you would still have the problem.

    1. You need to collect 40 nodes (the circles you shoot) as the girl who’s sex scene you want to unlock. Click on Scenes and you will see the number of nodes they have each collected. Next to each girl you will see boxes with numbers on the top right of them which show how many nodes you need in order to unlock them.The box with the 40 is the sex scene. So you need to collect 40 nodes as one certain girl to be able to unlock her sex scene.

  23. I was told i would get pass words for the game that I have downloaded and updates. I am trying to find this information out.

    Thank You.

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  26. I think Ari can do a great job beating the “Sun” planet.
    It’s simple:
    Use NLaWS, circle around the captured node to recover HP even with the huuuge flames coming.
    NLaWS again to capture another node, circle and repeat.
    Then, use NLaWS and stay in the line of gunfire, to prevent losing your node to the Alien.

    1. Yep that strat should work. I try to have the ARIA games call for some kind of thinking/strategy like that. even the 3D one will have it.

  27. That….That… That ending ._. I wasn’t expecting the ‘to be continued’ lack luster impact. Cleared everything in 1-2 hours. All nodes, hoping to get any hidden/bonus stuff. Damn my completionist OCD. All in all, good game, wayy better than the old one. The game was decently challenging until you sit down and read up on what your characters actually do. After you get the hang of the different playstyles, it was really easy. Ari’s capturing node being a bit annoying cause you have to body block it but the mega cannon made it all worth. Phia rush spamming 1 for nodes, etc. Made it feel a bit strategic.The game was pretty entertaining for the bit. Thanks for the great game 🙂 Also noticed your mmd videos over at Iwara lately by chance. Keep up the good work.

  28. Flash is no longer supported so we cannot play this game in browser anymore. May I request a download version? Thank you.

  29. We can still play flash games by installing an extension called ruffle, there’s also a desktop version avaible to play downloaded flash games. Moreover, (if I understood correctly) I think there’s a version websites’ creators can install on their websites to allow people to play their flash games online.

    1. The games with moving camera seem to have troubles to be played when using ruffle, maybe it will be fine in a few months when the project will be more completed but for now I found that I can use an old flash player version (https://gofile.io/d/1XqOHP) with the browser Pale Moon (it looks like an old IE or firefox browser but it works). However, I don’t know if the problem comes from me, the alternative flash solutions or from Patreon but the bonuses don’t seem to work.
      Warning : I’m just a regular user and I didn’t look carefully to see if these solutions can cause problems to your hardwares or datas so use at your own risk (I know that I will)

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