January 2, 2024

ARIA: Agent Trainer

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Chat with other players!
whenever you load data you will see your updated rank.
Be sure to save first before loading if you have progressed since your last time saving.


ARIA Agent trainer pvp menu

don’t spam click stuff just wait until it finishes loading after clicking once. if you feel you need to click again visit the shop to clear the loader.

Load Data – Loads your agents, along with any resources from exp you got from people losing versus your character.
Find Enemy – Selects a random enemy agent for you to battle. if you happen to get a black after the loading is finished then try again.
Battle Enemy – Begin a automated battle sequence versus the current enemy agent.
Buy Upgrades – Takes you to a menu where you can use resources to increase your characters stats, Khalei, and weapons.
Save Data – Saves your currently agents to the database. the currently selected agent will also be registered for players to fight against.

Outfit Unlocks at the following Ranks:
0 – Suit (Default)
100 – Gear
500 – Pajama
1000 – Micro bikini
2000 – Nude
2000 – Special Suit
2000 – Special Agent Gear
2000 or patreon $5+ – Magical Kitty
2000 or patreon $5+ – SVP

ARIA Agent trainer pvp battle mechanics

Khalei yellow
passive: See combat stats of enemies before battle.
active: doubles base weapon damage

Khalei blue
menu: +5 combat growth on purchase
battle: initial combat stat added to HP during fights
battle: combat stat doubled
(I still think blue needs buffs)

Khalei red
menu: exp and resource gain doubled
battle: your character always goes first if opponent is not red khalei
battle: your character has breasts exposed, during you turn 20% chance to auto win when your turn starts

khalei green
menu: +50 hp growth on purchase
battle: +regen 5% HP when your turn starts
battle: Maxrix prevents the first 10 sources of damage

khalei purple
battle: enemy has 1 combat
battle: enemy begins with half life
battle: (not added yet) enemy loses HP each turn based on your rank.

battle: nullifies enemy khalei

Item 1 Bomb
get from beating Ari or Phia
at the end of your first turn, bomb triggers to deal damage based on your max HP.
breaks matrix

Item 2 Matrix
get from beating TT or Bri
Maxrix prevents the first 5 sources of damage
stacks with Green Khalei

Weapon 1 L1AP (Default)
Shoots 1 laser
Damage: 100 + combat

Weapon 2 L3AP
Shoots 3 laser burst
Damage per laser: 100 + combat

Weapon 3 L5AR
Shoots 5 laser burst
Damage per laser: 100 + combat

Weapon 4 MLaWs
Shoots giant laser equaling 10 hits
Damage per hit: 100 + combat

Weapon 5 KATS
Shoots 1 laser
Damage: 1000 + combat
20% chance to auto kill on hit
breaks Matrix

Weapon 6 L1TS
Shoots 1 laser
Damage: 100 + combat