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VortexPlays: Dark Wind

developer: Eclaire buy it here

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VortexPlays: ProjectX

developer: Zeta Team  

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VortexPlays: SIMSEH

developer: Denzel Crocker

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VortexPlays: Sakurahime

developer: Pizzacat                   Latest News: [feed url=”” limit=”5″]

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VortexPlays: Hentai Hop

developer: Wayne

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VortexPlays: UnHolY SaNctuaRy

developer: hatahataragnarok

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TandA: Overcoming Pressure

1. Realize that when you use a popular or copyright character, you inherit the fan-base of that character. Some fans are bat-shit…

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TandA: Finishing Projects

1. Don’t be overly ambitions on your projects. Make a stopping point for yourself and try to avoid piling on new ideas….