TandA: Finishing Projects

1. Don’t be overly ambitions on your projects.

Make a stopping point for yourself and try to avoid piling on new ideas. The will cause you games to grow larger and larger until it becomes massive and a daunting challenge to finish. Make a realistic project for yourself that is within the limits of what you are capable of doing.

If you are exploring and learning how to do new things. Make sure it is being taken in and applied at whatever learning capability you are able to handle. For example, don’t decide you want to program a whole bunch of stuff and make the really complex game if you know nothing about programming. Learn the basics and start with something small first and build upon that experience.

2. Add those great new ideas into the next version of your game.

You will want to add a bunch of ideas into your project but keep the project limited to something you know you or your team can handle. If people are giving you ideas kindly let them know you plan to add it in eventually, but it might be in a future release or a sequel.

3. Don’t get bored with your own projects!

As you work on your projects you might find yourself getting bored with them. This is normal depending on our attention span and ambition.
Keep in mind that others have not seen your final product at all. To the community you are making the game for, they will view it as something new and fresh because they have never seen it. It is completely new to them, so stick it out and finish it.

What I like to do is set goals for myself and reach them. Identify objectives for completing parts of the game. Maybe all the text is done, maybe all the art is in the game, perhaps this area of the game is complete. When you reach these goals it could help you have renewed inspiration.

4. Get help if you need it.

Probably something that you are having trouble with, someone else know how to do easily. Or you don’t have time to work on it as much as you need to. Go find help, people could be willing to help you.

maybe they can do some of the art, or animations, or the music, or help come up with ideas, or write dialogue, etc. the list can go on and on.

I would recommend avoiding hugely popular people because they probably won’t have time to help you.  also people in general might not have time, they have their own reasons. The point is, don’t get discouraged if a person you wanted help from declines.

5. Get community support

If you want it can also be useful to also let people play or see what you have done already, and they will probably help cheer you on to finish and renew your inspiration.