January 1, 2024

Daughter of Eve

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Direct browser link:
Direct link should work if you don’t have iframes in your browser or are on a mobile device.

DOWNLOADS offline:

give some time for the game to load after clicking new game.

a small demo of the DoE game I have been working on. Trying out some new stuff here that I wanted some feedback on. like the characters moving when they speak, and idle breathing animations. Wanted to possibly retrofit this back into The Rookie but we’ll see. Please leave feedback here.

Daughter of Eve takes place before UMCH and explain how and why Maiko got her hairpin.

13 thoughts on “Daughter of Eve

  1. This is looking great, looking forward to more of it. if I had to give some observations is that the screen transitions take too long, either it is just coded to be that way or the assets are just too heavy of a load, either way I think the progression speed is uncomfortable. perhaps it is just because of playing i in the browser.

    On another note, congratulations bro, you keep getting better by the day and this right here is very high quality. I think over the years you have built a solid lore for the ARIA/UMC universe and a well established set of concept art and backstories for plenty of characters. if you partner with or hire a professional writer to use your concepts you could easily make a high quality full lenght visual novel to sell in dl sites and such rather than publish online.

    whatever direction you take in your career I am glad to keep seeing more from you

    1. Many thanks for the feedback, glad you like it. Umichan and ARIA lore was actually built on this. this was always here just in the form of a bad fighting game and a 200 page light novel, so not much really to showcase at the time. The transitions here are slow definitely because of heavy load. would be faster in a downloadable version.

  2. Interesting demo, once again the art and design work is exquisite, Annie is definitly one of my favourite characters you’ve designed to me, I love the breathing animations gives an illusion of life to the characters, definitly an idea to add this feature to the rookie visual novel, and the story is interesting, other then the bits and pieces I’ve read off the wiki page I’m new to the daughter of eve story and timeline, interested to learn more about the lore and characters like is Khaled work the same in this part of the timeline,is it still the same, i know Annie gives Maiko the Saboteur hairpin so I’m just curious, never mind I definitly can’t wait for more content, looking forward to some sexy animations with our new friends, keep up the amazing work Vortex00 you’ve crafted one of my favourite game lore’s ever.

    1. It is not finished. The script and art is finished but I haven’t had a moment to add it all into the game. hopefully I can get to it soon. It is a important part of the overall story.

    1. idk, i asked poli about the game and it’s always almost ready. then nothing. also ignored my last message so i might need to find time to do this myself or get someone else to.

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