January 2, 2024

31 thoughts on “Mira’s Bizarre Adventure

  1. a while back @unticop wanted to use UMCH resources to make a small fun game. This is the result! There’s all kinds of branching paths and different endings!

  2. Are all the endings in the game yet or are they just hard to find. Because I got an ending that said it was Ending 34, but I’ve only found about 5 or 6 endings.

    1. There aren’t actually that many endings. It’s just a joke. Depending on what people think and how things go, I may add more endings so they actually add up to 34 later on but I’m working on other stuff right now.

        1. Shhhhh… please don’t say more than that. I’d prefer if the mystery was around a bit longer.

    1. There’s a secret button hidden on the screen when talking to Remi, finding it will advance to the secret ending.

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