January 2, 2024

Umichan Maiko Classroom Shenanigans

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Chat with other players! for now UMCS and Agent Trainer chats are combined.
Q (on keyboard) – pull up phone to adjust settings, view stats, and save/load.
The home button on the bottom of the phone goes back.
Social button on the phone does nothing at the moment.

In hallway
Lips – flirt
try to get the guy to meet you in the locker room for sex

Star – Friend/Favorite
try to becomes friends with the guy. He will appear 20% of the time when you enter the hallways and will always meet you in the locker room.
Only friend at a time is possible.

Gain Stats
Melee – from winning training fights.
HP – Sex with Bulky/Fat guys
Fitness – Sex with Shota/Normal guys
Fans – winning Fan fight (win VS other player characters are +20, also some gear still raises fans even if you lose)

nude – begin with 25% of max health/ large fan bonus / increases trouble after each fight (med)
school – reduces trouble after fights
boxing – melee stat bonus (x1.5)
cafe – small fan bonus
swim – max fitness bonus (x1.5)
swim wet – increases trouble after each fight / small fans
bikini – medium fan bonus / increases trouble after each fight
gym – stamina recovery bonus (+2 per tick)
nurse – activating block recovers small amount of health (10%)


passive – nothing
active – nothing

passive – fully negates damage while blocking (priority over blades)
active – reduce bonus endurance needed to flurry (set to 1 instead of 3), use 1 less stamina to punch

khalei bracer
passive – uses extra endurance to punch and flurry (1), drains endurance on blick (5)
active – attacks do x1.25 melee damage, activating block recovers 10% endurace

khalei blade
passive – attacker damage danage when blocking (10% of your melee stat)
active – does 1/2 melee damage through block

fight style
balanced –
recover endurance faster (+2 per tick)
starting health bonus (x1.5)
starting melee bonus (x1.25)
set personality to normal

defensive –
recover life when blocking (%10)
max health bonus (x3 health)
set personality to passive

Aggressive –
boosts melee when you take damage (stacks +2%)
starting health bonus (x1.25)
starting melee bonus (x1.5)
set personality to pushy