January 2, 2024

Umichan Maiko Classroom Text (UMCT)

[swf src=”http://spiralvortexplay.com/games/umct.swf” width=900 height=506]

wanted to try making a text based game. this is just a small wip for now to kind of get an idea about how it will play. please leave feedback. Also I am aware the back button does not work. Thanks to wilson for dialogue stuff for the Mira part.

59 thoughts on “Umichan Maiko Classroom Text (UMCT)

  1. This is actually great. Even though i prefer UMCH, this is a very good idea too. I wouldn’t mind if you focused a bit on this one for while, looks like it’s worth it

  2. Like the look of things so far. Do you think you’ll be including the rest of the Mira script in later on?

  3. I know the futa version had the choice to fuck her for real afterward. I don’t know if I finished everything in it but there was something for it for sure.

      1. Are you sure? I can only get to the part with the grinding and it ends after that. I remember writing up something for penetration and cumming inside. Did I not send that?

        1. yeah I had the change it up a bit but that part is it.from the grinding to the sex where they are both moving. with the bg atm there is no bed bg for the shop with fabric, so i might try to edit one and go back and edit it with more of the details. Also i wasn’t sure where where trying to say with the blank ________ stuff like that.

          it is a bit tricky because it want to kind of avoid having the character having a set way of explaining something to a character if possible. so a person is free to imagine how it is said for themselves. for example your original texts describes the futa as telling a sad story and being depressed to make Mira feel bad for her, but i wanted to have it where the way the futa explains it is left up to the imagination. could be frustration, or explain it angrily, etc. for the sec option i don’t have a way to animate all that stuff yet so i don’t have it in there heh. breast play can be some hands on the boobs though.

          1. Ah I understand. The blanks were back when I didn’t know what her lingerie looked like, I was going to fill them with descriptors later.

            I never played a text game like this before so I wasn’t super sure what it should have narration wise. Playing through it now, I know what you mean and can keep that in mind. Not sure which option you’re referring to as the second option, you mean the yuri stuff?

  4. Enjoyed the demo Vortex00, lovve the art as always, wish there was more divergent paths when choosing megaslut, rich, virgin, and fighter but as its demo its understandable that it is lite on content, customization just like the boxing game which i liked, overall looking forward to playing more and see what you do with the game.
    Great job and keep at it Vortex00 you’re quality improves with each passing day

  5. i give you 5 stars for this demo also i give you 5 stars for all of your games spiral vortex….
    by the way how you created (UMCH)…(UMCC)…(umichan 3d) and this game?

    1. Glad you like it. I make stuff over time. Umichan 2D games are mostly made in flash and 3D games are made with unity3D.

  6. This is absolutely amazing. Even though it’s just a demo it blew me away, and thank you for adding a futa choice ^^ <3.

  7. This is absolutely amazing. Even though it’s just a demo it blew me away, and thank you for adding a futa choice ^^ <3. I can't wait to see how good it'll be when it's finished since I replayed this so many times!!

    1. Thanks I plan to work on this more after I wrap up a few other projects that are much closer to completion.

  8. Really enjoyed this VN demo and I really hope you make it soon. I hope there will be a downloadable version for the finished project. Also I will be happy for updates on this game.

    1. Yeah I’m trying to make all the finished stuff have downloads and have a mobile app also. I’ll probably need to remake this in a different engine though.

    1. yep. once I get to working this i will have a mobile version for sure. i will need to remake the game in a different engine. but luckily there it not too much to remake yet.

    1. I’m not totally sure what engine I would recreate this in. It’s only a issue because of the small animations. Not sure how important that is.

      1. Have you ever heard of trials in tainted space it is a adult text based game and it is quite large you should check it out for some pointers if you ever decide to continue with this game i look forward to seeing what happens keep up the good work.

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