UMCC new movieclip example


Aside from UMCC stuff I was working on, I made a quick example of the MovieClips I am working on that I mentioned in my last post. there is no preloader so just wait for it to load.


everything is much smaller and everything is dynamically loaded and function based. Only the container has a actual hard coded name. Well, assuming anyone even understands what I am talking about lol. Basically, making characters do different things and have different appearances will be easier for me to work with later on once I finish. I also changed the arm positions for cover and hip. Hips still look a bit weird but whatever.


I took the cleavage out of the gym clothes to make my life a little easier. but I made it a little transparent to make for it.basically every female can use the same image for the boobs and i just resize instead of having to use different drawing at different sizes.


I can probably have swimsuits like I originally wanted to also. Maybe just for swim team members thoguh.


there is a hidden alternate gym style that can be discovered in the flash by matching Pattie’s pose with how it looks in the preview pic.