a few ARIA updates

Over the weekend I have been replacing the old black and white spaceship interior backgrounds with the new stuff for ARIA. I had to make sure the angles/perspectives were correct. After that I have been working on one of the minigames. not sure if this on will be to take out ships or just to gather resources. The stages wont be super complicated, just opening a few doors, jumping, and avoiding hazards. I’ll probably make about 10 to 15 levels or so with varying difficulty. resources will be in defined locations but randomly appear and have random amounts. some “different levels” will just be more difficuilt version of older ones with more hazards in them etc.


most hazards in ships and stations you can turn off or destroy. but not all of them.

these are the girl general stats.
assume health,speed,jumping, and laser damage, is normal unless stated otherwise.

high health
high laser damage

fast movement speed.
high jumping


bri has nothing yet.
but it will probably be temporarily turning off or certain hazards and certain moving hazards.