February 24, 2024

3 thoughts on “Working on import process

  1. Hey Spiral,

    Do you use GIFS for your animations in Tyranobuilder? I downloaded Tyranobuilder after seeing that it’s what you had used to make your games. I’ve had mostly success so far, but I’m using gifs for my reward scene and keeping getting white outlines, which is sub-optimal.

    Am I missing something?

    The above post is also relevant, as I’m running into how to manage expressions. Mostly how to keep head in consistent relative position.


    1. yeah I use gif for animations in tyranobuilder but I include the background into the animations and don’t use any transparency. the white outline is called “matte” so you can look up ways to remove it with whatever you use to make gifs if you want to use transparency. you should also be able to change the color of the matte to black for example.

      as for character expression changes in tyranobuilder, it’s not designed for just swapping the head/face expression programmatically. you need to swap the entire character art (body and all) to one that has a different facial expression. That way you will never worry about keeping head consistent and can properly control the character object with the scripting blocks based on the design tyranobuilder intended.

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