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all kinds of different art.
From drawing, to video editing, to animation.

Patreon MMD Deluxe Videos (Preview)

  I’ve become aware that there may be some here interested in my videos MMD that not aware of my Patreon exclusive…

【MMD】Unknown Mother-Goose

this was a Halloween inspired video. video credits on the youtube page.

Umichan Logo Design

I’ve been working with ttrop on a new logo for Umichan. I’ve had a few in the past but wanted to make…

Joey’s sister Violet

It kind of started off as a joke from ttrop, but we actually made a older sister for Joey named Voilet. She…

ARIA Project: Maiko

Realistic rendition of Maiko for use in future ARIA content. Obviously going for an older look here. I planning on having her…

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