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all kinds of different art.
From drawing, to video editing, to animation.

How to get high sex exp with Maiko in UMCH

Earlier I had mentioned there are some things in the game people may not know about. This is one of those things….

VortexPlays: Malice and the Machine

  play the demo:   more vortexplays:

VortexPlays: Sakura Maid

  more vortexplays:

MMD: Sting


TheRookie sex animation wip

  Day 2 or preparing art for the Rookie. hopefully I can start building the second day and perhaps even finish today,…

MMD: Haunted


Halloween 2016 wallpaper

ttrop made some cool Halloween theme art of Zytra based on a mmd outfit I made for this years Halloween theme for…

TheRookie boob jiggle animation wip

  Literal sun up to sun down editing and preparing art for The Rookie game update that will have the next day…

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