January 2, 2024

6 thoughts on “DAZ character model fun

  1. I’m surprised how No one has commented on any of the recent posts yet. I’d assume it would only be a few days before the site was back to normal.

    Anyway. Daz Models
    Maiko and Tiffany are 10/10

    Ariell, Bri and Phia are good, but feel slightly off (I’m going to write it off as “Converting 2D characters to 3D Models is Hard”)

    Pattie feels very off to me. but I can’t say for certain what could be changed to fix it.

    Anyway, it’s fun seeing the characters being represented in more than one style!

    1. Many thanks, I expect things to be slow for some time still until I do bit of marketing. But I actually had replies to posts on the discord heh. It seemed strange at first but I guess it isn’t. You can use little emojis there and easily show images and stuff.

      Yeah Pattie is a bit hard to nail down in general, the face, hair, and everything. I might take another swing at it later from scratch.

  2. I get the cafe outfit, but Maiko’s tanktop is a bit ridiculous how it unnaturally slides up into her cleavage.

    1. That is me not really knowing how to use DAZ much. I know you can simulate “dforce” to make it not do that but I don’t think this one had to ability to do that. I think the only outfit i wanted to pull out of DAZ was some shorts though. I think i can manage a cafe outfit and other clothing in blender whenever that point in time comes. Yeah and it wont be vacuum wrapped around her cleavage.

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