January 2, 2024

14 thoughts on “Joey’s sister Violet

  1. OMG, I love her design! It reminds me a Sims 4 custom content (check out Praline’s creations.)
    I wonder if the Agents ever arrest her for indecent exposure, come on, don’t even need to pull her shirt to see her breasts.
    I also catch a Violet from Amour Sucré vibe in her, even if AS Violet is more Joey-ish. No sultry clothing, just her sad face and drawings.

    1. Glad you like it~ I didn’t plan on her getting arrested. she keeps her shirt down for the most part and is not right in the middle of mall.

  2. I know this is a porn game, but I’ve been thinking this for a while. Is there a Khalei leak in Nanko’s water supply no one knows about? It would explain things like “why is it 4/5 women have breasts larger than DD cup?” “Why is the population as a whole (including adults) seem hornier than your average hormonal teen?” and “Why is incest more common in this city than others and, other than Albert and Savori, not frowned upon?”

    I think it would make sense if Gemco has been experimenting on Khalei for so long they don’t realize that Khalei has leaked into the water supply, effecting not only the town of Nanko, but also the Gemco employees, having 2 (if not 3) entire generations oblivious to the fact that their bodies and minds are being effected by it.

    Anyway, the Design of Violet is great. Keep up the good work.

    1. Reminds me of UMCC when a girl talks about Lynn’s cream and complains how her breasts got too heavy, also mentions Jay stealing her shirt to get photos.

  3. She’s so cute, I can’t even. Pretty please explain the joke that made her. Was it just a perverted version of Joey? And how do the two interact? Is she the reason Joey is such a prude? Story~

    1. I think we were working on something for Joey and ttrop just suggested making her have a big tit goth sister out of the blue, kind of as a joke so we lol’ed and kept going. fast forward to right now…

      I haven’t really thought about the story lot but yeah I guess Violet would hang out with Joey a lot when they were younger. But when Violet started getting older and into boys Joey was still too young and was left out. Joey had less and less time to spend with Violet because of guys always stealing her sisters attention away. So Joey started to not like perverted guys hitting on her sister. Then just expanded to not liking pervert guys much at all. Now that Joey is of age also, Voilet pokes fun at her for not liking guys, and lets her know what she is missing, and assumes every guy she is seen talking to is her boyfriend.

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