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Images drawn with cg software

Maiko X Greel animation wip video

I think so far UMCH has 17 different animations and counting. all with 2 to 3 different variations each I wont show…

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ARIA AI robot results

original pic of the robot without Goo section.

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Winter 2015 theme

I asked ttrop to make a pic of Maiko based on the based on a collab I did with Eriot in 2013….

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ARIA AI robot wip

some of you have not seen the AI robot to be added in ARIA yet. But here it is along with a…

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ARIA Remi results

It seems I made her look significantly younger. She would probably be around the same age as Phia for this. There is…

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ARIA Remi progress

should be getting Remi colored soon. I’m also getting some idea about how I want to do the hentai for the updated…

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Goo updated

ttrop did the coloring, I did the lines and touch-ups after color.

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Name suggestions

Taking name suggestion for this guy. If anyone has any ideas.

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Maiko in Midgar

  I thought it was a joke at first but this song is actually fire

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UMCH Cafe updates

I was planning to working on the boxing minigame for UMCH but decided to flesh out the cafe mini-game more, specifically the…

Pattie animation video

pattie cake there’s still a few errors I need to fix with the pattie riding animation

Leyah animation video

Leyah riding pose for UMCH. the voice volume is low but I explained what I was I was shooting for in the…

Tiffany photoshop coloring video

finally got covered version of TT colored. some people mentioned the like to see stuff like this so I recorded it. I…

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Maiko Halloween 2015

decided to make a fun little halloween BG for the site. it is based on Eriot’s 2013 BG. I did the lines,…

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ARIA Phia art revisited part 2

here a are a few changes based on some stuff mentioned yesterday. try not to base your feedback heavily on things like…

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ARIA Phia art revisited, feedback requested

a few days ago I mentioned I’m in the process of redrawing some of the ARIA art. numbers 3 and 4 are…

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ARIA or UMCH based Visual Novel? post thoughts

A while back a few people brought to my attention TyranoBuilder. A software tool use to easily make visual novels and port…

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got dem UMCH updates for ya

All the art inducing all unique sex scenes as store owner is done for the cafe. ttrop and I will start the…

UMCH wip video and ARIA feedback requested

Feels good to post a video with we working on stuff. I used to do this for drawing videos but I don’t…

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All of Maiko’s art including sex stuff for the cafe is done for now with Jeni coming up next. ttrop is doing…

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