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Images drawn with cg software

Umichan Art updates (Pattie)

please post thoughts.

Umichan Art updates (Toby)

Not really a main character but he was needed to be redrawn ahead of schedule because of patreon voting stuff. You may…

Umichan Art updates – Alternate Hair Styles

Some of the characters will have different hairstyles for various reasons, could be a sport they are currently, taking a shower, etc….

Umichan Art updates (Maiko)

Please posts thoughts

Umichan Art updates (Mira)

It’s very possible many of you have not even seen this character in game yet and it is already time for updates…

Umichan Art updates (David pt.3)

please post thoughts

Jeni upcoming game art collage

No new character art this week but lot more of Jeni

Name suggestions (Uncle)

Taking name suggestion for this guy. If anyone has any ideas. Holly’s brother. Jeni and David’s uncle. basically “Uncle ________ ”

Umichan Art updates (Albert)

please post thoughts

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