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ARIA related stuff

Jeo photoshop coloring video

Jeo ain’t fuckin with no one

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ARIA related updates

In this update post I will mention plans for the other ARIA game I am working on. I Think the game will…

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small updates

ARIA: trying to finish the Arielle picture today. It will be a milestone to have basic character art for the main girls…

Arielle photoshop drawing video

Ready for color and I will hopefully finish today. 6 hours x64 speed

ARIA Arielle Story

Tiffany photoshop coloring video

finally got covered version of TT colored. some people mentioned the like to see stuff like this so I recorded it. I…

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ARIA Phia art revisited, feedback requested

a few days ago I mentioned I’m in the process of redrawing some of the ARIA art. numbers 3 and 4 are…

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ARIA Future plans

Before I begin describing potential future plans for ARIA, of course there will be more hentai. That goes without saying. Character deployment…

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Phia on the loose! (ARIA updates)

OK! I think I might be done with ARIA 2.3a updates for now. For about a week XD There are some typos…

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ARIA technical updates

I think the custom code stuff is broken at the moment and not displaying the characters properly. I will investigate it later….

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ARIA 2.3 Change Notes

This update is not released yet. This very post means the the update itself is done and being prepared for release. I…

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dayum more updates

just some smaller stuff. I think I have a good idea about a few changes I need to make from testing today….

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updates for today

Late post today Didn’t post of get as much as I wanted to during the weekend. But I did get a number…

UMCH wip video and ARIA feedback requested

Feels good to post a video with we working on stuff. I used to do this for drawing videos but I don’t…

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ARIA updates

working on the Kim stuff still. but more importantly (at least to me) I wanted to rework the menu screens and stuff…

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What’s coming up

ARIA: I need to do some technical work on ARIA to set it up to allow for further expansion, some of the…

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Ari story updates

I’m done with all the dialogue. working the rest of the levels now. there will probably be 12 for now. doesn’t seem…

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ARIA browser based RPG testing

I’m looking for 10 to 15 people or so to help test a ARIA browser based RPG I have been working on…

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