January 2, 2024

8 thoughts on “small updates

  1. Like I said before that Arielle sketch looking good. I notice the camel toe on her, didn’t see that before. LOL

    1. Thanks the camel toe will be less noticeable when it is colored because the cloth is nearly black. TT and Bri have a camel toes also. I need to add it it Phia.

  2. The boxing game has a sex scene in it? I don’t remember that from UMCC. Is it a fail state for losing to those guys or is it a bribing thing to make things easier like the teacher from UMCC?

    1. Not totally sure yet. Probably something along the lines of bribing though. it is not a auto objective complete though.

      Unlike UMCC this time around you don’t directly go up against Luma in everything. For the boxing, you just need to beat Jeni, Joiry and David convincingly. Maiko can train with Pattie also but Pattie is the slowest way to build melee and fitness. Fighting David and Joiry is faster but they wont even fight unless Maiko has a certain amount of fitness and melee. so I was thinking I might have it where she can fight against them early on by doing the sex act on the to train with them and get exp faster. But it stresses her out.

      for the socialize thing I think at the beginning areas of mini games I will have the ability to socialize. I might have it takes a task so you cant spam it. I’ll make a post for the dialogue of that later with more details.

  3. Makes sense to me, Joiry and David are dicks but they don’t seem the type to turn down an offer like that.

    If you want them to be extra jerks though you could always have them fuck Maiko and just tell her that was the special training. But since they fuck her harder than usual it still gives her more xp than normal training does, so she’ll thank them anyway and leave them really confused. Not sure if that fits what you’re going for, but it seems like something they’d do.

    Are you still keeping the idea you mentioned before with UMCH’s dialogue? The thing where everyone has a number of talking they’ll do with you, and the more personal subjects takes a larger amount of the talking they’ll do. It sounded like a good idea, though I like every way you’ve handled dialogue in pretty much everything you’ve done. You have a good nack for integrating it into stuff in interesting ways, instead of making blocks of text like most games.

    Also I’d be super down to write for things for UMCC. I got a much better grasp of the characters and a few ideas on what they could say in mind.

    1. I was thinking the dialogue for socializing will be similar to ARIA after each day. where it just reveals their personality and they talk about whatever they talk about.

      on other parts yeah it be based on subjects.

      Thanks there will be plenty of opportunities to write. most for far are just impromptu.I’ll make posts about it when I get to that stage in development.

  4. I have quite a few updates to post about but been a bit busy getting the assets on point across all games. Will post a update on it later.

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