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MMD: Do It Again

While the previews MMD video I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it. This is example of me knowing…

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song WIPs

some song stuff. I had Maiko Theme and Maiko Song made for Umichan related stuff. The rest I put together myself.

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ARIA Arielle story demo

link: remember you need to unzip this first I was thinking about replacing the aria combat system with this system eventually. I…

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ARIA space battle updates

It seems that people like the support system and the prisoner system so I want to expand on that a bit. First…

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Arielle side story synopsis

I might do it two parts but idk atm. However the part I’m working on right now covers some events leading right…

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ARIA 2.2b change notes added a selectable Support character you can take into the space battles. It is found in the PILOT INFORMATION panel for…

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ARIA custom scenario examples

input these separately in the battle input code box on the settings screen, the press the LOAD button to play the custom…

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ARIA 2.2a change notes in RESEARCH, Ship Upgrade now gives 50 Ship and 5 space. eventually I’ll probably nerf the space of the special agents…

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ARIA 2.2 update online vs patreon

I would like to start by saying all of the new hentai in this version are edits done by myself so they…

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ARIA game updates and transition work

super behind on comments. I will reply to them all hopefully today. some I have read here and there. been grinding out…

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Phia recolor

Still working on the update I planned to have done by today. It might be tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes….

Rinoga’s GemCo Armory Catalog and ARIA lore

since a number of you haven’t played UMCC I thoguht I would touch on some of the lore aspects of GemCo equipment….

MMD wip body to body

A original motion that started by using the Kinect with mmd to record live motion. I worked on it a bit yesterday….

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ARIA your main ship being raided

I connected the ship being raided stuff to the rest of the game. I have starting to have a few memory problems…

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next hentai animation for ARIA

I forgot to mention that pinoytoons recently finished the character sheet stuff for now, and had asked me what is on the…

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ARIA captives, holodeck, and more

Sui-May scene is done just need to be connected and available in the game. Probably will unlock in area 5. There is…

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ARIA space BGs and updates

custom stuff is done for now. I might add some stuff to it later like having the naked version of the character…

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how to make ARIA Custom Scenarios (2.2b)

As of version 2.1b, players have the ability to create customized scenarios for Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault (ARIA). This is a guide…

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ARIA new ship type

I created a new ship type for challenge seekers. it creates a large shield that only allows attack ships to pass through….

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