January 2, 2024

59 thoughts on “ARIA 2.2 update online vs patreon

  1. Hello again Vortex00, i know the Patreon version its the best but… I am not sure how much dollars i need to expend in the Patreon to play the new version. Can, please, say to me, what money i need to give in Patreon?, im not sure if are 1$ or 5$ per month :/ , i have not much money to expend free way. And i want to pay something per month… But 5$ per month mabey take to me an a problem. Sorry if I seem very stingy 🙁 .

    1. I know the currency is not equal in all parts of the world, however ARIA is at the $5 amount. it is half the common amount of $10 from a lot of other popular hentai game developers I see.

  2. I think you nerfed Training a bit too much. I was thinking combat simulations take up 10 fatigue for a few COMBAT points, flight simulations take up 30 for a few SHIP and SPACE, command simulations take up 20 for CHARISMA, and full training boosts everything based on whatever amount of fatigue the character has to spend…but that might turn into a clunky menu. Either boosting all stats by a few points or just increasing the COMBAT boost would be an improvement.
    I’ve also had trouble capturing anyone. Maybe I’ve misread your instructions, but I’ve yet to encounter a CAPTURE command on the Patreon version. I’ve also noticed that the space battles seem…off, but I think that’s just the result of the girls being so much weaker now. Playing as Arielle is a matter of timing the cannon until the lasers are about to hit my nodes and blowing up the strongest enemy nodes, but TT and Bri moved at a crawl.
    The game is still very much playable and enjoyable…but as the enemies grow stronger and the girls don’t, the incentive to do anything but keep their obedience high and raise their COMBAT stat drops to zilch. Jeo with auto-ships can plow over just about everyone on easy mode if Arielle and Phia raid the fleet, but the girls start to suck–in a bad way!–as the game progresses.

    1. I’m certain some stats will need to be tweaked around a bit since most of it is untested past area 4, it is a beta after all and I still need to test the full game myself.

      however I will ask for what reason do you want to boost combat faster? I’m trying to discourage doing everything in area 1 and to make the game more challenging.

      I didn’t want to raise it too much. at 10 combat stat points, you can clear quite as bit of stuff before area 4.

      also there is no capture button or any message telling you that you captured the agent. it just needs to be a random female and beat her as Jeo in space battle. she should then show up in the prison/jail area.

      yeah TT and Bri are not space battle or conflict type agents, so if you want to use the for space battles you can, but it takes longer to get their stats prepped for it.

      Sure it probably need to be tweaked but the idea is that girls stats raise through upgrades more so than training. you need to upgrade their ship with the resources you have available. Once the cash flow starts coming in it isn’t much of a issue. I put a much heavier focus on preparing the girls for the battle. so if you don’t spend a lot of time outside of the space battle it will seem overwhelming.

      one thing I wanted to add was putting in side quests on the map to raise Charisma and stuff.
      ideally by the end levels of the game you should be using the girls more than Jeo.

      1. Gotcha. The combat stat doesn’t need to be buffed that much–space battles are all about charisma anyway–but it’s just a little frustrating to see such a tiny improvement for all the time that training takes up. If you think the game runs better with these developments I’ll have to bow to your judgment. As I said earlier, it’s still very playable.

        Regarding capture, I suppose I’ll try again. I checked the brig pretty often, but I don’t think I checked right after a battle.

        I remember TT being the easiest to play with because she was basically unassailable. Guaranteed win at a snail’s pace. I didn’t really know how to play with Bri, but she seems to run on the same premise with her ability to decimate the battlefield.

        I noticed the sudden flood of resources by Area 4 and made quick use of it, but I was just nostalgic over the measured increase in all stats. For some reason seeing those numbers jump was immensely satisfying–then I’d wreck the local fleet and move on for more of the same. It’s a little different now, but life is change. Did you plan for the pressure to build until the stealth systems to make everyone take training and upgrades seriously?

        Can’t wait for those, by the way, and that’s what I was hoping for. Jeo is, frankly, unstoppable once he reaches max strength. On hard mode against his mentor, ???, I thought I’d met the unbeatable boss…but I just needed to let him rally the population of a small country to get past the constant assault on two dozen nodes. Took too long, though.

        1. I think I’ll try training and other combat raising activities raise the stat by 4 to 5 each time.

          yes, I made the game internally hectic until you get the stealth system an can take a break and blow off some steam. Maybe too much, but that is what we are testing so thanks for the feedback.

          people wanted a focus or at from my understanding would ask what the stats are for. And I would mention it but when I thought about didn’t matter anyways because they increase automatically all a the same time.

          yeah for Jeo, the strategy is to use the items for sure like matrix and nova. and then let Jeo build up lots of units in the main node. and make little outpost node or two with a high unit count and let it(them) build up while distracting their attack ships with capturing a smaller amount node.

          I think the next version the girl with the highest love will help him. I have it in the custom scenarios stuff already. it is just a matter of copying my code .

    1. things on the list as (patreon only) are only in the patreon version. everything else is in both versions.

  3. Is Patreon only forever only or does it go public after a certain time frame as a timed exclusive for those who donate?

    1. That is how it is usually, however currently I don’t plan on making the rape parts of the game public at all.

  4. the one thing i wanted, the rape scene i have to pay for :(. sucks being a poor mofo sometimes. love the update though. keep up the great work

  5. Wait, if Bri’s powers come from her khalei abilities, shouldn’t they be based on charisma or some other stat personal to her, and not “Ship”?

    1. yes, but I don’t have a stat for Khalei currently. maybe it will be SPACE later on. and attack ship damage will be a subset of the SHIP stat. might be better to rename it to Khalei but then it would have to apply for other stuff in the game. so idk. I’ll think about it.

  6. 1. i like what i see^^
    2. in the dialogue between jeo and sui.may there is a spelling mistake (thier instead of their) and also i think you mean “my” instead of “by”
    3. i think yui has a strange face when she rides jeo
    4, in my oppinion training is a bit to weak. i think 1 point is a bit low

    BUT i really like the hentai scene with sui-may, the shooter game is also nice, and the girls are getting even better after each hangar raid

    maybe you can cut the dialogue between sui may and phia, when you use the holodeck and start when jeo starts to speak with sui-may

    i am looking forward for the unique scenes mit sui may

    the sex with amp is still very fast, but i know you have other things to do^^

    great work so far. i enjoy playing that game

      1. heh I forgot about that Amp scene because there is more Amp stuff coming. yeah would have fixed it, I need to write it down in the todo list.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, yeah i need to fix Amp and the typo.

      you are the second person to mention training. so let’s see…

      so previously Arielle had I think 800 HP max and you could clear the boss ship with, about 150 HP left give or take 100 or so. the starts at 10 so that means you need to either train, do raids, or get raided a total for 70 times. yes it sees like a bit much. 2 is 35. I’ll try with 4. so if my math is right, you need to do about 17 or so combat raising activities to be at level of the previous version. Also you have the potential to go higher and have like 1000+ HP. might go with 5 thoguh to support hard mode better.

      Yui is a bit stressed out a guess. I didn’t notice anything strange about the face. It is not trivial for me to fix it, and I would need to understand what to change it to. So I think it might better lest alone for now at least. I’m almost sure I’d make it worse and I would like pinotoons to continue working on new stuff since his time is limited.

      1. I just checked out Yui’s face and I personally think it is good. In fact, it suits the situation well. :/

        I agree about the training though.

      2. its correct that yuis face fits in the situation, but i dont like the way her mouth looks, a little bit like a vampire sometime, i dont know^^

        1. as you said, some like and some dont^^

          but like i said, i really like the rest of the game so far^^ and i am looking forward for more updates^^

          but when do you post the online version on this page, i mean that people like me can download the actuel version^^

          1. I’m still working on a few changes for 2.2. it will be after the next quick update hopefully.

  7. Ive got little problem with Yui sex scene, I dont really know how to start it. I fought her as Jeo and after fight nothing really happend so i thought it will trigger when travelling to next area.
    Playing online version here

    1. Ok Ive got that sorted out by reading older posts, just needed to wipe her unit out. I also read a question in this article about patreon payment and only to be 100% positive, this version is for 5$ not for the 1$ patrons and there is no way to get it until next month?

      Thanks for developing this game great work!

      1. Thanks Juri, I’m glad you were find it on your own. currently I don’t plan to add in the rape stuff in ARIA. Maybe at the last major update after committing more to a new game. Because it is not set in stone but the current plan is not to. However I can put the rape version on the $1 after some time since it has been requested a few times to me. or if I can find something else to post of the $5 amount. in which a few things come to mind already. so let me sort it all out.

        1. Well youve just earned extra 4 bucks from me, atleast for one month (will try to manage my financies better ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

          Keep it up, great work!

    1. I am also, I think the Kim one will be good also thoguh. And I’m getting a new pic for Arielle’s side story.

  8. So I might just be missing something stupidly obvious, but I can’t get the Sui-May stuff to work. I started area 4 by beating her with Jeo, then used the M. Law to take out all other ships, tried talking to her with Phia. All she’s saying is “Never, hand over Jeo and i’ll think about it.” Am I missing something?

      1. yeah I think you can’t batter her at all first. just talk to her. So I think that was the cause of the problem.

  9. Love how the new combat stat affects the girls. Previously I couldn’t beat the boss ship to save my life but I got Ari up to 84 combat which resulted in over 1000HP (though I still finished with less than 200HP.

    Question, does the combat stat do anything for TT or Bri? They don’t participate in either kind of raid so I’m not sure what it would do. If it doesn’t then is there a point to training?

  10. Do we have to pay on Patreon to get the Patreon only updates? Could I send you $5 via PayPal instead or something?

    1. Patreon is the way to go atm. paypal and hentai don’t really mix well, it is why patreon doesn’t use it for hentai stuff either. they almost got shut down over it early on. and I don’t want to be sneaky, they catch up to you eventually and the damage done is irreversible.

      1. Alright, guess I’ll have to do it the hard way then, though I’d hate to wait until the end of the month before I can get access to the download. Thanks anyway though.

  11. I was thinking. According to the stat descriptions you provided, TT and Bri’s combat stat is useless since they can’t be used in raids or when being raided. So as an alternative, I was thinking maybe in some future version you could rework it to affect resource gathering missions, such as allowing for more resources to be recovered with higher stats.

  12. Hi Vortex00! If I paid $5 where I can receive Patreon ver.? To me all information will come to mail? And where I will be able to download game with this version? And still a question to receive “Capture a prisoner”, it is necessary to pay $1 or $5? Sorry, that there are a lot of questions, I will be grateful if you answer all) 🙂

    P.S And still, you can make so that when Joe has sex with Remi, at the end when he cums, Remi too finished together with it)) :3

      1. What should I be looking for? I see the updates but nothing about downloading a version of the game with the patreon only features in it.

          1. I don’t see anything that was posted on July 13th in the ‘Creator Posts’ section. Is there a certain amount of money that I have to contribute to gain access to the Patron Only features or am I missing something?

  13. QA: it say “By bro is going to be pissed” i suppose it supposed to be “my bro”

    also the sound of the girl in some part of the game (exemple sex scene, free time, and other random event) are so faint compared to the background music you may think you hallucinated it 🙂

    otherwise it a great game!

    1. thanks I will take a look at it tomorrow. the sounds files i will need to engineer later and it will take quite a bit of time for me to do. But first, (let me take a selfie) I want to take number of the sound files out and have them as separate files and reduce the bulkiness of the game.

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