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Miku Miku Dance MMD

MMD: Follow the leader


MMD: Exercise of pigtails girl


MMD: Fine by me


MMD: Whatta man


MMD: Cold Water

mirror: tried to play with water effects a bit.

MMD: All the way up

mirror: had to get the neko headphones for Leyah heh.

MMD: Bubble Butt

mirror: Nothing much to say here this video came out exactly the way I intended. lyrics at the end tho… “put…

MMD: Base Down Low v2

mirror: remake of this video

MMD: Worth It

mirror: I managed to edit a magical kitty themed tank top. Also the person who made this motion had the model…

MMD: Something New

mirror: was trying to do something new literally with the lighting but spotlight effect messes up skin shaders. So it is…

MMD: Hey Mama

testing ARIA online F.Agent model

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