January 3, 2024

10 thoughts on “MMD: Sexy Mi

  1. The BG looks like a alien mothership! ^_^

    I like the beginning light effects when she is ready to dance. This stage matches perfect with the color of Zytra.

    1. many thanks foe feedback. Yeah I DL’ed a bunch of generic backgrounds so I will have something to use quickly. Usually I have search for specific setting to match the music of theme of the video.

  2. Kind of a shame to see such a high-potential song used with a bunch of pre-existing motions, after seeing what dance groups like Waveya can do with it.

    1. Yeah just something I made real quick. Motion traces from comlplete scratch can take months with my schedule since mmd is not my primary focus. Perhaps later I can look at what choreography waveya did with it.

    2. I think, it’s a little bit incorrectly to compare a virtual dancing animation, which is being made by a single man as an addition to his primary job, to the real professional dance troupe.

      1. Incorrect? No. Unfair? Probably. But it’s the same song, so comparisons will naturally occur. I’m not trying to say that Vortex should only release ultra-high production value MMDs. I’m just expressing my personal reaction.

        1. Personally, I have nothing against expressing one’s opinion (I’m all for it), but as for me, that comment just looked a bit harsh, a bit aggressive.

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