January 2, 2024

14 thoughts on “MMD: Automatic

  1. Wow the light effect is perfect on this video, I have nothing bad to say about this video.The beginning of the water effect on the camera is a nice touch at the beginning.

  2. Wow, thats a great model, look at those detailed nipples!
    Can I request a Leyah one like this? Pretty please? LOL

    1. Thanks, I’ll have Leyah videos once I remake that size body type. Probably not this exact same motion and effects thoguh.

    1. Thanks but making boobs work realistically is not my intent. nor will it be for anything heh.
      been making crazy boob jiggling intentionally for years, it is what I like to do.

        1. I explained it to you here:

          I like to make them from time to time, you think they are very boring. However you can see people who mostly lurk vehemently disagreeing with you. And people liking the video in this post also. if it still doesn’t make sense I’m not sure what I can say. The point is not everyone will like the same thing. I like the videos, other do also, you and I’m sure others don’t like these videos. And it will always be like this because I make more than just one media type, and more than just one game. And I’m not super into realism when it comes to physics and animation, so my content may or may not be suited for you if you have a major problem with it.

          1. Shucks I seemed to have missed that sorry man.
            Thats basically what I was trying to say Im fine with your work even if I dont understand it.

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