Playful Pattie UMCH Updates

today I worked on UMCH doing a bit of touchups I’ve been needed to. graphic updates, adding art to areas that were…

MMD: Hey Mama

testing ARIA online F.Agent model

ARIA 3D Online ideas

After several days of racking my brain over issues I was having getting AI to work over multiplayer using a server. I…

Agent trainer + Amp story combat?

thinking about adding a browser based player vs player combat system to the agent trainer game I will begin to make hopefully…

Umichan Updates

UMCH I put v13 on patreon few days ago. changes from v12 to v13 -Additional dialogue scenes added to mall -Nurse office…

Stacy Animation wip

stacy cafe stuff. I only show the initial animation variation in the videos

MMD: Good Luck


MMD: Disturbia

mirror: remake of a old video (2nd video)

MMD: If It Ain’t Love

mirror: Arielle and Bri having some fun want to make a aria game is 3D at some point.

UMCH Socialize dialogue thoughts for Nurse Socialize Nurse office Socialize ideas here with Nakako character(s) and Remi Only characters also in ARIA know Remi is futa. Luma, Lynn,…

Stacy being added to UMCH

Not sure how many know that Luma has a little sister that was added during UMCC as one of the custom character…

ARIA 2.7 and ARIO what to expect

after these games get sorted out I’ll finish day 2 of The Rookie and start working Agent Trainer. ARIA 2.7 short Bri…

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