Umichan Maiko Female Rivalries wip

As mentioned earlier I am trying to get chunks of UMCH into a single file as separate games with more focus on…

Umichan Art updates, The cast so far

ttrop made a pic of the characters so far. Not including the uncle. I think we are almost done with character redesign…

Umichan Art updates (Joiry)

please post thoughts

Tyranobuilder topdown RPG test

planning to make a few smaller games some of which would be created in tyranobuilder software. This is a tool that is…

Your favorite… (Feedback requested)

in preparation for upcoming games I want to beat on what minigames and characters people like the most. your favorite UMCH minigame…

Umichan Art updates (David pt.2)

please post thoughts took in considerations though they were not exactly specific. From what I can tell the body seems to be…

no image

New art for new games

So you might have noticed that there is new character art being created, but wondering what is for. I had a person…

Umichan Art updates (David)

please post thoughts

Umichan Art updates (Jeni pt.3)

After reading feedback from the previous two posts of Jeni. I took it upon myself to edit Jeni’s face and bit of…

Umichan Art updates (Holly)

Please post thoughts thanks

Umichan Art updates (Jeni pt.2)

please post thoughts edited previous

Umichan Art updates (Savori)

Currently I am working with ttrop for update UMCH character art for upcoming games. Eventually hopefully all the characters will be recreated…

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