UMCH dialogue thoughts for Rhythmic Gymnastics

this is for Rhythmic Gymnastics club dialogue ideas. previews examples: For those with ideas these are some things to note: Members…

UMCH character POV updates

taking a bit longer than expected but I got a working implementation of character switching working. it will be in v17 today…

Project updates

wanted to mention in kind of a check-up post what I have planned to do. Firstly, I need to mention that didn’t…

UMCH updates

should have he next UMCH update ready to roll out early next week. Was trying to add in a different player character…

ARIA editor updates

For any interested I have updated the ARIA editor to be standalone. and have a few more updates coming for it down…

small updates

SVP going to try to start learning contruct2. this is a 2D game development engine that can port to different platforms more…

ARIA arena shooter

Just a quick little re-skin of some templates I got for construct 2. going to be teaching myself how to use it….

VortexPlays: Malice and the Machine

  play the demo:   more vortexplays:

VortexPlays: Sakura Maid

  more vortexplays:

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