UMCH Updates

been busy working on UMCH updates this week. hopefully it will be ready public soon. still need to add the story stuff…

Pattie Cake

Click the objects and get a high score! Mouse         High Scores Camper – Pattie Cake (754) Kizune –…


This is not a hentai game. This is a small battle card game I made for fun based on ARIA. I was…

Alt ARIA TT animation creation process

more wip videos:

Alt ARIA Bri animation creation process

more wip videos:

small updates

ARIA: working on alt aria animations so I can move forward with that game. currently doing bri, i recorded phia, ari is…

Alt ARIA Phia animation creation process

more wip videos:

ARIA CCG preview pics 2

this game will hopefully be ready today. it not perfect but not meant to be, was just something I did for fun.

Project Updates

been a little silent, but busy working on stuff now that I have time to catch up on things. There is quite…

ARIA CCG preview pics

found a cool little ccg kit for unity so I made a aria theme card game from it. might make a umichan…

UMCH character names voting post

Shota #1 Tsugo Brother Shota#2 black hair Shota#3 red hair Shota#4 brown hair Fat Guy #1 with glasses…

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