MMD: Cant’ feel my face v2

old video with updated model. Working on Zytra model and working on editing the face a little bit to look closer to…

GemCo rebels

Amplitude and her sisters Wave and Tempo. Their names are related to music if you didn’t notice. While working at GemCo Amp…

UMCH updates

wanted to make a small outline of what is coming in next UMCH update. my main goal actually for this month release…

Daughter of Eve remade image previews

I think I have enough art minus one character to make a small VN that captures the main events of Daughter of…

JLCK timeline and outline, contains spoilers!

As you may or may not know, mostly all of my games are part of a overall larger story. Umichan, ARIA, and…

MMD: Follow the leader


MMD: Exercise of pigtails girl


Agent Trainer updates

updated agent trainer with some updates: stats for all agents are now saved to the server, so you can train multiple agents….

UM3DO ideas, warning UMCH spoilers!

so I’ve been thinking for while about how I want to make umichan 3D online stuff. There are a few concerns I…

MMD: Fine by me


MMD: Whatta man


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