January 3, 2024

16 thoughts on “Maiko Pattie yuri animation wip

  1. Its hard to not bust a nut early having two hot girls like those straddling you like that man! This was the animation I was most looking foward for and I turned out great, I loved it!

  2. I’m Wondering How Kyle managed to convince the two to ride him like that, given how creepy Kyle is.lol
    Keep up the good work Vortex00.

    1. it was more pattie’s doing i think. is a option for the savori story i think. i forgot but I’m sure it is at least somewhat explained in the game heh.

        1. You need to do activities until Maiko takes a pussy pic. I would advise doing cafe sex with Maiko. Then go to the publishing club and try to get Kyle alone there, if he is with someone, keep trying going in and out until you get him alone and talk to him to offer the pic and unlock the scene.

  3. Tried to do this scene an wasn’t able to. Is it in UMCH or a mini game?

    Also how do you get the R.Girls or is it not in the game?

    1. kyle will ask maiko for a vagina pic as one of the possible side quests in the photo club. you need to have savor the moment quest finished for him to have a chance to ask.

      R.Girls becomes available once the cafe reaches lvl 4. click the smile face in the cafe or the boardwalk.

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