January 3, 2024

35 thoughts on “UMCH updates

      1. Okay so is the group scene with pattie makio and kylie still gong to be included next week along with all these upcoming updates?

        1. no the updates are what is mentioned in this post. The group one will be added later but it will be added. It is not always added the next month. This is also mentioned in the nomination post in the middle part.

          There are still some old animations that got voted on months ago that I haven’t added in yet and I want to do those first since they are outstanding. I get behind because I am still building the core components of the game such the 2 main quests that were added so far and I’m working the third. The remi one is easier, and the top voted one, so I will do that one as priority, the group one will come later.

          1. Alright cool so your like up on idea’s then right? and you could select from a pool of ideas and put them in how you see fit that’s really good bro I follow you on the priority stuff as well keep up the good work

          2. Yeah I have laundry list of things I still need to get to at the moment. Feel free to post ideas though. I don’t mean to imply I don’t want anyone to mention their ideas. I just want to explain that it may or may not work for what I am trying to do with the game, and I probably wont be able to get to it immediately.

  1. Aw, look at their cute little outfits! [Remi! I can see your penis! Do a Ray Finkle and tuck that shit up or something, there are minors here!] There WAS a Pre-Med/Nursing club at my school, but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was called. Okay, to get incest sex you must reject David’s offer? Kinda sucks that we’ll have to do some grinding, but I really like the David/Jeni dynamic. Also like the Joiry/Amber interactions so I’m looking forward to their scene as well.

    Let us know what’s coming up with the next public release too!

    1. public release is always the previous patreon stuff. so it would be the savori side story stuff.

      The thing with Remi is the characters actually can’t see it. it is just to show the player. it is kind of like when super man puts on classes he is clark kent, the viewer can tell they same person but none of the characters can tell who he is. I’m talking about the old cartoons at least.

      black hair girl knows, Roise has a suspicion and told Amber. Maiko finds out in the game. but none of the other other students know. Alma would probably know.

    1. for several reasons, keeping characters presented as they are meant to be presented is extremely important to me, so I will not do this.

  2. Glad to see the dlc is coming so soon. : D

    And health club is probably the best name for it. Only other thing I could think of would be calling it a ‘health committee’ or maybe an acronym for a longer name. Like Students for Health and Wellness (S.H.W.)

    1. yeah health club just seemed simple to understand. Yeah no other club has a acronym so I don’t want to begin that now.

          1. Oh ok then. Well, maybe i should consider become a patreon. each update like v14 to v15 and 15 to 16 has more update than previous version or just some 1or2 major content or it’s up to what you complete in that time?

          2. I don’t understand that question, but each updates adds more to the game. Sometimes the update is a major quest where all the sex and dialogue scenes related to the quest.

            the other times the update content is similar to what is posted here in this post. where multiple sex scenes and other stuff is added to different parts of the game.

            no I don’t spend a whole month to add just one animation heh.

          3. Yeah you answer my question already. Well maybe if i can open my account on paypal then i might go for patreon. Thanks for your time.

    1. Joiry and Amber? No, It is kind of meant for the player to have some sympathy for Luma because she never finds out anything. Luna is not totally innocent herself thoguh but definitely not as bad as joiry.

  3. just rescued leyah, got a guitar from zytra and helped tsugo decide which girl to choose, but nothing i do seems to advance the story (everything 5+ days ago)
    is this it for now?

    also is there any help forum for your games or walkthrough like you have for ARIA?

    1. not totally sure, it is not set on a timer. But the next public release will have the Savor the Moment quest stuff in it.

    1. Sorry I try to make about 4 to 5 posts a week but it may not always be something posted on Monday. There was nothing last Monday either.

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