UMCH updates

wanted to make a small outline of what is coming in next UMCH update. my main goal actually for this month release is to catch up on come of the voted stuff.

health club?
Not sure what to call this but it will be in the clinic/nurses office. Amber, Roise, and one random student are part of this club.
in there currently Maiko can get a few things already like the pill and a needle shot that prevents her from getting pregnant. But will add where she will also be able to buy other medicine that boosts stamina and melee gains for the duration of that day. There will also be a few sex scenes in there much like the other clubs aside from swimming.

pic of cafe friends on Maiko tablet
there was a small request to have topless images of Maiko cafe friends appear on the BG. seems simple enough.

jeni/david sex
This will trigger when you don’t accept sex from David to boost Maiko’s melee ability. This will also eventually be part of the David quest stuff. There are a few more sex animation I need to finish though. Not sure how much story that quest will have. I don’t think the story will be in depth as much as Savori and Tsugo/Zytra/Joey stuff.

Joiry/Amber sex
futa sex scene with remi
these will be located in the nurse office.
Joiry one will be there if Maiko didn’t have sex with him in the boxing area. you will also need to have stamina of over certain amount. and will need to view a certain socialize scene.

Maiko/shota sex
Roise cafe client with maiko
both of these will be a the cafe.
Roise will be available for that day after viewing the socialize scene for it.
Shota ones also will trigger from socialize scenes and give boost to money.
There also was a leyah sex scene where she has sex at the arcade but I will re-purpose that for something else. Might be another cafe scene.