JLCK timeline and outline, contains spoilers!

As you may or may not know, mostly all of my games are part of a overall larger story. Umichan, ARIA, and other stuff all makes up a single story when you put everything together. I refer to this as the “overall story” or JLCK, journey of the legendary crystal Khalei. This hopefully will make sense after reading the outline.

If you don’t want to know the general idea of what happens later on I would not recommend reading the rest of this. This post is for those that want to better contribute ideas or ideas for games that fit in with the overall story so this kind of a outline of what happens. Also keep in mind this this is mostly the main story. There are several side story stuff that can be added to this is for various side characters. It jsut needs to fit in with the main story. So that is why I typed a outline of it here so people know what happen in the main story.

This also serves as a timeline you can follow to play game or view content in a linear order. the order is from top to bottom, with top being the earliest thing that happens in the story line.

Crystal Hunter
A very old game I made that is mostly outdated in relation to the newer content. The only relevant things to take from crystal hunter is that the character Samantha had a crush on Donavik. And that she swallowed a ice/water elemental khalei crystal while being trapped in a cave in. Also important is that there it is possible creatures/entities can be born from certain ancient Khalei. A this point no GemCo scientist believes this. However Samantha swallowed a very old khalei crystal where a entity know as a Cia was created and lying dormant. If I get time I will remake this into a small VN story with things changed but the stuff I described that is important will remain the same.

Semitix serves to describe some of strange phenomena that is happening in the world/universe the characters are in, and just how little they still know about khalei. on a trip to a Khalei cave it collapses in similar way as in Crystal hunter. Samantha using dormant Cia power unconsciously physically created a entity Annie to protect Donavik from the cave in. Donavik also touched another old khalei crystal that opens up portals to other realms. One being a purgatory realm and the other being the realm where Annie is from. On one of the realms donvaik meets various demons who cast judgement all to come to that realm. He manages live from their attacks and is required to cast judgement on Annie. Donavik refuses and manages to defeat demons with the help of his allies. he realized from the main demon judge aka Semitix, that he is Sixxe, which basically means it is next to impossible to defeat you while you are in company of allies. Since Annie was created form some of Samantha emotions Samantha Crystal inside her began to literally freeze her until she come into contact with part of Annie again. This phenomena is unexplained. Also in Semtiix professor Light get taken into custody by GemCo. he a very prominent professor in Khalei and Futurist who is very outspoken against GemCo and their practices. So yeah basically in semetix a lot of crazy shit happens with demons and other dimensions etc. all created from coming contact with certain old Khalei.

Agent Trainer
This game lightly describes school life for student training to be agents, and shows some of the different areas at Rinoga’s GemCo academy. The new agent recruits are hand picked by Phia. It also shows how some of the trainers and executives exploit female recruits for sex which is something that pisses Rinoga off and one of the many reasons why she wants the school to fund itself.

Amp Side story
This is a small story on a GemCo raid to disrupt their training of new agents and free them from being sexually exploited by executives or trainers. It is also to steal GemCo weapons to use them against them later. The main thing to understand here is that Amp get captured in this raid. And after that her body was cloned in various experiments to improve their agents genetic traits.

Daughter of Eve
This picks up where Semitix left off. After the craziness of Semtiix is behind the for mow, they set of to look for a odd person the semtiix describes is needed to free it from the purgatory world and defeat the people who unjustly trapped it there. The person is later found out to be Gheist a little lost girl from annie’s realm. She has the ability to create a very rare kind of khalei the the demons needs to break free.
If Donavik doesn’t find her in time it will use his power to break free and the process would kill him. Donavik’s allies and friends meanwhile are looking for the professor that got taken by GemCo. Donvaki finds traces of Ghesit but it is too late and the trails is cold. He also find a dead girl on the ground. The girl is Maiko. Donavik time travel is difficult around Gheist to donavik has a idea to give back far enough and give Maiko one of Annie’s Khalei crystal hairpins, the saboteur Khalei one. Donavik also runs into Tempo looking for revenge for the capture of her sister Amp. She thinks Amp is dead. I am planing to remake this into a small a VN also.

The Rookie
The next on the list the Rookie. This and Umichan basically happen at the same time. But if I had to order them, it is important to know that some students at Nanako are also GemCo agents. the rookie also will explain more about Khalei some of which was seen in semitix. The Rookie also introduces various GemCo characters in more detail and various conditions a person can get from Khalei. The condition the rookie has initially is a lighter version of the issue the character Jeo has later. It also school life at the academy. you have classes but also missions and training. The rookie is not yet complete at the time of this posting.

Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters/Havoc
This begins where Daughter of Eve left off. Maiko receives a hew hairpin from Annie after annie travel back in time to way before Maiko got shot. these events take place months before the events of Daughter of Eve. Over the course of Umichan serious stuff Maiko lives her normal life. She just so happens to be completing against her rival Luma so she is naturally improving her athletic ability, smarts, combat, etc. And with the help of the hairpin khalei it is boosted further. Because of the nature of the Khalei Maiko has a difficult time learning or understanding something right away. the end of UMCH describes the events that lead up to ARIA stuff where Jeo becomes framed by Natan when he stole a special chemical cream she had that he need for his research experiment. This framing cause the school to be on lockdown for a while until Jeo is found.

Bri side story
This game is part of ARIA and can be found on the title screen. This just goes into the lore of Bri and Phil a bit of GemCo bio experiments and training of certain agents produced from those experiments such as Bri. The time frame for this overlaps Arielle side story.

Arielle side story
The major thing to take away from here is Arielle’s relationship to GemCo executive Harold. She doesn’t like being with him and would rather be with Jeo.

TBA game that happens at the same time as ARIA.
This game is not created yet but in this game Maiko flees the school lock-down with the Rookie and Riley and stays with various friends mostly Jeni’s mother Holly by request of Alma. she still works at the cafe to earn her keep. GemCo agent are looking for Maiko because she was there at the scene when Lynn got attacked. Remi manages to find Maiko and explain to her in more detail about her hairpin and how it can be used to keep her safe. She gives her a history book on Khalei mages. After that Remi goes off to find Jeo/Jinru. Maiko also gets visited by Luma team. Luma, Lynn, and Riely before they go off looking for Jeo also. during this time Maiko is already decent athlete and ant fighting but really hones is mixing this with her hairpin after getting info from Remi on how her khalei works and past B.R.I. experiments. maiko also find out GemCo is suddenly looking for some girl named gheist so is less focused on Maiko at the moment nor overly concerned about committing too many resources to finding jeo.

ARIA describes the story of the hunt for Jinru/Jeo a highly dangerous special agent on a mission as a student in UMCH. when Arielle’s teams gets to him the decided to help him and they work their way back to GemCo space and find the real person behind the issue. Natan executive at GemCo. During the events or ARIA Jeo also recruits the GemCo agents from Amp’s rebel crew that were in Agent Trainer. Also Jeo runs into Amp who got captured and she decided to also join him. Remi also manages to find Jeo and so does Luma team. Lynn want to set the record straight that Natan attacked her and not Jeo. Jeo wants to take down GemCo so he can be in control of it for himself. Their reason are different, but more and more people are starting to have issues with certain people in GemCo leadership. By the end of ARIO, it is discovered that Natan never left the planet.

Gheist prologue
In this game catches up to the same timeframe as Daughter of Eve but this time Maiko as the hairpin and is trained. maiko is walking from work at the cafe where she runs into Gheist and Tempo is mad because she still thinks Amp is dead and finds a way to blame it on Gheist. Maiko manages to use a lot of saboteur khalei to get to safety from Tempo. But they also bumped into Phil on of GemCo top bio scientists and highly dangerous. Maiko manage to save gheist from that also by using a large amount of Khalei. this leaves Donavik and Annie to use her abilities as a oracle and find Gheist. Donavik is glad to find Gheist and that Maiko manages to survive but goes into Khalei degeneration and starts forgetting a lot of memories. Donavik and Annie place Maiko and ghesit under the care of Chris one of the student at nanako. He has knowledge of sentinels and can hide the from gemco sentinel searches. Chris and Gheist start to romantically like each other.

the rest of JLCK and beyond
Maiko is still being hunted by GemCo agents not only for information because she was on the scene with Lynn when she got attacked but also because she protected Gheist, the rare girl all top GemCo executives are looking for so they can use her to boost profits and for experiments. But Maiko with memory lost doesn’t even know her own name or what she did to becomes hunted by GemCo. Maiko does remembers reflex and instinct stuff like how to fight so still manage to battle gemco. because it is no longer save for maiko to work at the cafe she works at strip club in the city under the name charity. they name was suggested by all of her friends. she meets chris’ sister nari, and time traveler named Ginger, who is looking for her mother. They come into play for side stories. Donavik finally manage to uses Gheist power to free himself of the semitix demon. Gheist no longer has unique powers, but GemCo still. wants her anyways. some of them don’t believe she is powerless or want revenge for her power being wasted. Before the demon leaves to fight her own battles in a different dimension she offers to come back and help with his fight here. The other from Semitix who were looking for professor light finally manage to find him. Luma team gets back from space and visits Maiko who is unaware of who they are at this point. Maiko doesn’t even remember pattie. Hearing new of Maiko on the streets Amp manages to find Maiko, Donavik, the professor and crew and adds her rebels to the team to assault GemCo. certain character like riley, luma, and unsure of who is the correct side. GemCo claims to what gheist for good reasons. Maiko, donavik all end up fighting special agents from GemCo in stalemate. in one battle Arielle team wounds annie and donavik decides to take her away. maiko uses weapon from donakiv and Annie to buy time for their escape. maiko nearly kills arielle if not of phia’s speed from her red khalei getting her out of the way in time. But slowly one by one GemCo executives and directors are taken out. Zytra and a team end up taking out Ace, Harold ends up killing Jeo behind Arielle’s back which immediately upsets Arielle and she puts harold down, kyle and savori deal with her dad, maiko ends up fighting Phil and other special agents with help. Riley and Maiko get critically wounded but survives Donavik leads the fight to take out Phil. Bri goes into khalei degeneration and forgets all about gemco. Alma finally feels it is the right time to revels to maiko she is her mother and it restores her memory. Amp finally gets back in touch with Tempo and Wave who is now restored from semitix possession. Amp, Goo, Donavik, Maiko, Ari find Natan who has completed his research and turn into this khalei infused bio weapon they have to fight. Goo is restored to a person. Last person they need to take out is Sire the mysterious director of division X, all the space related activities. he is also bio khalei infused weapon creature from all the experiments. After taking him out. GemCo is placed under the care of Rinoga who wanted to set things right all along. Maiko is offered to be a special agent under the new GemCo but decided to stay at nanako school. Bri is also at nanako now having not remember ed any from her time at GemCo. Ari having lost jeo also retires from GemCo and becomes a normal student at naanko. With natan gone Tiffany teaches some classes at nanako now in his place.

some quick side stories stuff
When maiko stay at Chris’ house over time and working at the club Zytra and Greel popularity explodes from the small nanako music club. in UMCH Maiko helps boost the initial popularity of the group but forgets everything after her first fight with phil. The group still becomes really popular and Zytra goes under the stage name Demi to hide from Ace and other old contacts. Maiko goes to one of their shows. and zytra recognized her and thought she was ok now. but maiko didn’t know who she was. oddly enough Maiko still remembered the song and hows to play a guitar. Zytra is confident maiko will get her memory back.

Nari visits chris and explain why she ran away from home at early age. She helps maiko fight in some of the battles. Ginger recognized Zytra and Leyah have magical power that is not from Khalei. Ginger is essential in Zytra and Leyah taking out Ace and his goons during that part. nari and Ginger can be found in older version of Daughter of Eve games:

in the current daughter of eve, a woman is seen at the end resurrecting Phil after the semitix cut him in half. Donavik, the semiitx and a few others deal with her during the time the executives are being taken out.

Dizzy recovers from her stage 2 khalei degeneration after leyah calls her by her real name.