Umichan The Special

[swf src=”” width=1025 height=769]

This is a small flash I made using the new art while I was finishing up UMCH. It is really just a animation but there is small non-canon story around it also.
The pairing was decided via the nomination and voting on my patreon.

19 thoughts on “Umichan The Special

  1. i cant play this game, i use chrome.
    Sorry for my english, im from argentina

  2. I love these girl on girl scenes, I hope we get more in the future!

  3. how do i unlock the flash? sorry bad english, I have Adblock but pausing ad block here does nothing, i cant see the gif.

  4. I have a problem I can play the games because it only show half the picture literary.

  5. ummmm if this is possible i would like to request that using space it goes into the next dialogue like when you click on the dialogue box @vortex00

    • Thanks for the feedback! I will investigate ways to make getting through the dialogue easier. Spacebar was giving e issues in other places in UMCH so I didn’t have it here since it uses a similar structure.

  6. When you start the game, you can not play because of the pink screen. Why is the pink screen coming out?

  7. Nothing’s popping up for me. I see no Flash file. Just text.

  8. Nice. Could use an option for futa rather than strapon though. Also given the cum scene futa would make more sense.

    • Yeah I think this had the art for a futa alternative but it never made it in. I’ll have to remember this when the game is remade in something that can export to html5


    go to chrome://settings/content
    scroll down till you see Flash
    refresh the website

    this should work

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