updates and testing some plugins

site updates: testing some plugins I recently installed. installed a different forum. I immediately don’t like how you can’t post images.…


How to download, unzip, and play swf files.

  please see here for additional help:


ARIA updates

I think I’m done with the mechanics of the enemy direct fire and their shields. I need to test it a bit…


updates and a few mmd videos

going to be away from my desk today so I will not be able to respond to any comments posted until much…


MMD: Right There

  still not where I want to be but it’ll have to do for now. I also recently remembered I have the…


current progress on stuff

don’t have many fancy pics to show but I have information I can share about where I am at on various projects….


more Luma progress mmd

Almost done with Luma. Going to probably work on some game stuff for now. I’m getting behind where I want to be…


Luma progress mmd

Wanted to update Luma to the version of the model with dem nips. boobs won’t be a big as it was but…


ARIA background and general updates.

finished all the new aria backgrounds, there are 10 but only 4 are show below. I tried to make them in such…


ARIA updates

So before I wanted to add anything more to ARIA. I need to take a moment to fix what is currently there….


MMD: You Rock My World

  Behold! Zytra’s backside. It is normally blocked by her long hair, but in this video she is rocking a cute ponytail….


Leyah gravure idol gallery

this was pretty spontaneous. I made a few pics around the same time I rendered the shake it off video.


MMD: Shake It Off

  This is my Spring theme March video. Not as flashy as the other two, Resonate and Burlesque, but is simple and…


ARIA Walkthrough

ARIA – Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault walkthrough created by : Vortex00 edited by: Vortex00   find the game at: full version…