ARIA new art updates and UMCH boxing

This is what I have so far with Bri. I might touch it up a bit more later adding more shading in…


VortexPlays: Dungeon and Maid

My voice volume was low here. I’ll have to remember to turn it up for future videos. Developer: GRIMHELM my…


Small updates for today

Patreon: I will begin organizing the uploads for this week. again what I expect to post for this month. ARIA 2.4 (bug…


Maiko Halloween 2015

decided to make a fun little halloween BG for the site. it is based on Eriot’s 2013 BG. I did the lines,…


Site Updates

SVP: got vortexplays coming up Patreon: what I expect to post for this month. within first complete week: ARIA 2.4 (bug fixes…


MMD dabbling

working on updating Zytra model with the better UV map body Maiko has. I need to fix the middle part of her…


ARIA Phia art revisited part 2

here a are a few changes based on some stuff mentioned yesterday. try not to base your feedback heavily on things like…


Site Updates

SVP: Got some VortexPlays coming up. some DLsite games and some Visual novel stuff recommended in earlier posts and other stuff also….


ARIA Phia art revisited, feedback requested

a few days ago I mentioned I’m in the process of redrawing some of the ARIA art. numbers 3 and 4 are…


SVP Girl Panty Images

Got some fun little images here . I post stuff like this every so often. more:


late updates for today

posted a early wip of the VN on patreon. seems like it is working ok so I will figure out a way…


VortexPlays: The Photographer

bruh.. what IS THIS.

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