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Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc Walkthrough

[1] About this game [2] Basic game controls [3] Unlocking hentai [1] About this game This game is a 2D first person…


small updates

UMCH: still working on the UMCH quest mentioned in this post: I should be done within the next few days. I…


MMD: Automatic


Agent trainer face edits

Haven’t got things done a quickly as I would like because I decided to work with ttrop to editing the faces for…


UMCH Affluently Ineffective quest details

Early this morning I finished writing the rough draft of the Affluently Ineffective quest for UMCH. Today I will start building it…


Help me understand.

ttrop got this message after posting the aria agent trainer pic on this tumblr.


Project Updates

ARIA: As I’m sure people noticed the ARIA updates lacking a bit. Pinoytoons has been unable to work on stuff lately and…


Tattoo for Vux? feedback requested!

Vux who will appear as in upcoming ARIA Agent Trainer game, begins as rebellious, Rebellious, Nympho and Vulgar among other things. I…


ARIA Agent Trainer game ideas

Been working with ttrop on a new smaller scale game. It’s going to be a trainer type game. Since I have never…


Umichan Tap Clicker

idk what to call this game. who cares! This is just small flash game I made for fun in less than a…


UMO3D updates

decided to work on UM3DO a little bit yesterday. For that don’t know it is Umichan Maiko 3D online. I…


small updates

working to rookie script today. trying to finish events of day 2. if I have time will try for day 3 also….

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