Site Updates MIA version

well time for some site news, got a quite a bit to cover. MIA status: been MIA for a while for two…


Rogue Courier

Rogue Courier is a new hentai game Pinoytoons is working on. I helping make more people aware of it. Pinoytoons did the…


Site News and Updates July 08 2014

Maiko art: http://drunkdrawin.tumblr.com/ Site Updates: In case you can’t view the MMD videos here you can see many of them on trollvids….


SVP shirt sexy video teaser 2

    boob video This was the lighting blue svp shirt, I didn’t do the sentinel black one. perhaps later. If people…


MMD: Maiko Pole Dance v3

    Yeah I made two of these previously under the name “Lil Freak”, but I wanted to use the newer model…


MMD: Maiko model updates

    Spent most of yesterday update the Maiko MMD model. All other models I made, even Luma, are incredibly outdated now…


SVP shirt sexy video teaser

    A little sprialvortexplay red shirt teaser video, let me know what you think about it. I wanted to experiment with…


MMD: Bikini Dance (Maiko and Luma)

    Finally did a lot of editing and made a decent Luma MMD model. You can check out the differences between…


MMD: Luma Dance Practice

    A long time coming. Evo Luma The previous MMD version of Luma I didn’t feel was up to par mainly…


ARIA intro wip updated

SlaveDol, one of the VA’s for ARIA decided to do a kind of impromptu full run of the dialogue for the first…