ARIA updates? ARIA updates.

working on ARIA 2.7 want to have it done later tonight or tomorrow. In previous versions of the game Phia passed on…

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Made it back

I got back yesterday from my family reunion. In short, it started off as disaster and I wanted to return home immediately,…


Art of Deception – Chapter 1 W.I.P by DigitalTK

@digitaltk has been in the forums putting in work with the ARIA custom scene editor. I wanted to being some attention to…


Going out of town, Pill Results, and the lore behind UMCH and ARIA

Going out of town: as mentioned here in the link below i will be going out of town to a family reunion…


MMD: Dip It Low

Zytra from UMCH


UMCH pill problem: Feedback requested

Due to what I believe is a request from a small mostly lurking audience, I have added mechanics for pregnancy in UMCH….


Updates: ARIO,The Rookie, going out of town for the weekend, UMCH + more.

Family reunion: Going out of town for a family reunion from July 22 and get back on the 24th. I will have…


Breeding Seasons cancelled – Thoughts and Analysis

edit: I updated this post with initial links to both sides of the story. I’m sure most have heard by now about…


More small updates

haven’t made a post in a while but been working. Just wrapped up and made a patreon post for ARIO. hopefully it…


Patreon now accepts Paypal for adult content!

got a e-mail earlier today, and in bold was: “We are pleased to announce that starting today, creators with the Adult Content…

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small updates

ARIO aka Alt ARIA I found a way to get ARIO down to a reasonable size by importing the animation as videos….


MMD: 4 Minutes

just a test with Leyah. was working on a edit of a skin shader that looks decent, has normal mapping, and doesn’t…

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