Zytra cheer dance practice

  Who remembers this song!? this is the jam tho! This videos shows Leyah and Zytra hanging out in the gym. I…


MMD custom motions 1

adult shader for the win? I hardly ever use adult shader but I wanted to keep these videos simple that just show…


MMD: Maiko Dance Practice 2

  the curse of the second song being a little softer then the other two. I need to get sony vegas I…


small site updates

Been super distracted playing dragon age inquisition. I love the dragon age series. But things have been getting done just slowly. If…


Maiko model test

Maiko with longer hair and some vert issues fixed. thoughts ? imo a bit odd at first but I got pretty used…


Site Updates Nov 15

usually after a while of not posting I will make a site updates to go over what has been happening. UMCH stuff:…


MMD shader testing

was trying out some shader and decided to render the videos. I probably wont use these shaders. also was working on a…


UMCH: cafe progression test

this is a demo of the cafe minigame starting at lvl 1. you can’t just click what level you want now. It…


MMD: Dark Horse

just a short video since I didn’t make video for Luma yet since the edits. Panda!  


MMD Tutorial: Leg Physics

Going to go over how to do leg physics since I don’t see a tutorial for it anywhere. I figured out at…


UMCH cafe friends

daily updates? lol got the other characters done good enough I guess. Those poses is what I plan to use in the…


UMCH cafe example scenes

I have three backgrounds that I will use for the cafe stuff. I might try to find or make more if I…


Maiko and Luma comparison 2

need the fix the lower part of Luma’s legs, but other then that, it should be good to go for later stuff….


Maiko and Luma 3D boob comparison

hangs a little lower but not quite Luma size heh.