Rinoga’s GemCo Armory Catalog and ARIA lore

since a number of you haven’t played UMCC I thoguht I would touch on some of the lore aspects of GemCo equipment….


MMD wip body to body

A original motion that started by using the Kinect with mmd to record live motion. I worked on it a bit yesterday….


ARIA your main ship being raided

I connected the ship being raided stuff to the rest of the game. I have starting to have a few memory problems…


next hentai animation for ARIA

I forgot to mention that pinoytoons recently finished the character sheet stuff for now, and had asked me what is on the…


ARIA captives, holodeck, and more

Sui-May scene is done just need to be connected and available in the game. Probably will unlock in area 5. There is…


ARIA space BGs and updates

custom stuff is done for now. I might add some stuff to it later like having the naked version of the character…


how to make ARIA Custom Scenarios

As of version 2.1b, players have the ability to create customized scenarios for Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault (ARIA). This is a guide…


ARIA new ship type

I created a new ship type for challenge seekers. it creates a large shield that only allows attack ships to pass through….


ARIA Custom Scenarios

I had a objective to get custom scenarios into the game. they don’t have sex scenes yet because of the different possibilities…


Area 2 Planet surface

been working on backgrounds for shooter mini and first planet area, not the best BGs ever but It’ll have to do. The…


ARIA updates

got a bit done yesterday, most of the time was invested in writing Sui-May’s scene. It is complete but still a wip…


updates for today

since people were suggesting stuff for ARIA that conflicts with my changes I had planned. I haven’t implemented any changes yet but…

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