small site updates

Been super distracted playing dragon age inquisition. I love the dragon age series. But things have been getting done just slowly. If…


Maiko model test

Maiko with longer hair and some vert issues fixed. thoughts ? imo a bit odd at first but I got pretty used…


Site Updates Nov 15

usually after a while of not posting I will make a site updates to go over what has been happening. UMCH stuff:…


MMD shader testing

was trying out some shader and decided to render the videos. I probably wont use these shaders. also was working on a…


UMCH: cafe progression test

this is a demo of the cafe minigame starting at lvl 1. you can’t just click what level you want now. It…


MMD: Dark Horse

just a short video since I didn’t make video for Luma yet since the edits. Panda!  


MMD Tutorial: Leg Physics

Going to go over how to do leg physics since I don’t see a tutorial for it anywhere. I figured out at…


UMCH cafe friends

daily updates? lol got the other characters done good enough I guess. Those poses is what I plan to use in the…


UMCH cafe example scenes

I have three backgrounds that I will use for the cafe stuff. I might try to find or make more if I…


Maiko and Luma comparison 2

need the fix the lower part of Luma’s legs, but other then that, it should be good to go for later stuff….


Maiko and Luma 3D boob comparison

hangs a little lower but not quite Luma size heh.  


Maiko cafe uniform

was about to make something black and white as usual. but decided to go with some color. It is not rigged perfectly…


UMCH working in the cafe minigame

This is a screen for the normal working mini game in the cafe. Unlike in umcc it is not just a button…


MMD: Gishinanki

    Was mostly testing some physics here and wand went ahead tried to make something cool. I went with a TV/video…