small aria updates

I think I’ll just have 5 of the scrolling levels for now. they will be used to take out the ship(s) in…


MMD: Bar Bar Bar

was kind of lazy with luma’s shirt. but you get the idea of the video. probably better to download and watch offline…


MMD: Crazy v2

actually for the mmd crazy video I never actually finished making it how I wanted it do so I finally redid it.


Site Updates

Site: the little ARIA RPG thing I mentioned earlier is almost done I just need to take out the limit on how…


small updates

going to be taking a much needed break today and just play some games or something. I kind of chilled yesterday also….


ARIA gameplay testing

I am behind on replying to stuff. I’ll reply to comments when I get a chance.


a few ARIA updates

Over the weekend I have been replacing the old black and white spaceship interior backgrounds with the new stuff for ARIA. I…


MMD loose bikini practice

as the title states these are practice videos. Maiko loosens her bikini top.


MMD Tutorial: UV Map editing

This is intended for folks who edit model for use in MMD. It is intermediate level tutorial. Everything should be covered in…


ARIA updates

today I bought some unity3d assets to serve as background for ARIA since trying to find for pay for 2D images is…


project updates

Site related: This morning I finally got around to making all of the graphics for the browser based game with a ARIA…


MMD Panoramic

today I’m am modifying some scripts on a mmd adult website called trollvids, some of you actually found me from there. so…


Thoughts on ARIA

as you may or may not know, I don’t spend too much time playing other hentai games or seeing what else is…

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