Updates and stuff

SVP stuff: today my wacom tablet became unresponsive after a short power outtage. It has survived power outtages before so idk what…


ARIA browser based RPG testing

I’m looking for 10 to 15 people or so to help test a ARIA browser based RPG I have been working on…


MMD: Do It Again

While the previews MMD video I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it. This is example of me knowing…


UMCH cafe updates

I’m a bit behind on replying to stuff been busy. these are some of the concepts I sent to ttrop today for…


MMD Body to Body

not really sure what I was trying to do here heh


song WIPs

some song stuff. I had Maiko Theme and Maiko Song made for Umichan related stuff. The rest I put together myself.


UMCH: Male Body Previews

This post contains previews of the male bodies currently planned for UMCH. The characters are not to a correct scale despite the…


ARIA Arielle story demo

link: remember you need to unzip this first I was thinking about replacing the aria combat system with this system eventually. I…


ARIA space battle updates

It seems that people like the support system and the prisoner system so I want to expand on that a bit. First…


Umichan Maiko Deluxe

Keep up with the instructions given by Maiko         High Scores Zep – Umichan Maiko Deluxe (521) Dolamite –…


UMCH: Female Body Previews

This post contains censored previews of the female bodies currently planned for UMCH. I will do males later. The characters are not…


MMD: Can’t Feel My Face

haven’t made a decent mmd video in what feels like forever

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