Site updates September 29 2014

I should be done with the aria no sound early version. that will be on patreon before the month is over. So…


Annie model wip

Annie is basically done. Just need to fix the eyebrow color. I forgot about it. The necklace took some time to get…


MMD: What makes you beautiful

    Time to get wet! This is a video where I was trying to simulate water like effects in mmd starting…


MMD: Fireflies

    Was going to wait until I had Annie done to make this one but I figured Maiko and Luma looked…


MMD: InsideOut

    Do you know Luma inside out ? lol. I showed a earlier version of this in a previous update post….


MMD: Donatella

    This song and dance basically was designed for Luma lol. I immediately thought about Luma when I heard the first…


finally some Site Updates tho

Been working some overtime at work the past month or so which has drained most of my energy to work on projects…


MMD: The Boys

    A few more things I need to finish about Maiko then I’ll be done with a fairly solid base to…


MMD: Classroom Hentai

    I have been working on some hentai with the mmd umichan school models. It is very rough and there is…


MMD: Make me ill

    I have been working on some hentai with the mmd umichan school models. But I decided to also make a…


MMD: Greel saves Maiko

I made a Umichan version of a motion I saw on youtube. Original the original has the subtitles so I recommend watching…


MMD Boob Physics Study

Hey you know what’s better than one Maiko? just kidding. I got home late today and instead of working on ARIA, I…


more ARIA updates

just a quick post. didn’t get as much done over the holiday weekend as I hoped but this was my quick list…