a few updates

Not much to update on today. kind of took a break yesterday. all I did was work on my Maiko mmd model…


mmd motion wip + updates

Site: going to be messing with the forum pretty soon here. trying to make it a bit more organized. ARIA: no progress…


more umichan updates

trying to go ahead and wrap up this little umichan game here in the next day or so. I haven’t made a…


Umichan updates

not sure how much I’m going to get done today for projects. might be a slow day for me today. today I’m…


Updates and plans for the week

Site Stuff: I soon make a Thoughts and Analysis on “hentai game mechanics” while some of my thoughts on this are still…


MMD: It’s Been So Long

The Living Tombstone – Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – It’s Been So Long (FNAF2) been wanting to try this motion for…


project updates and mmd zytra test

3/3 pics done for umichan deluxe. I’m actually still trying to find the right minigame for this. Not sure I want to…


a few updates

Just a few updates today. I have a lot of things that are currently in progress including both games and mmd stuff….


small updates

umichan: ttrop is about done with the second umichan deluxe pic. I will borrow one character pic that I plan to use…


Site Updates April 2015

Not really into april fools, yet it is time for a site update. Everything mentioned below is not a joke. SVP related:…


MMD: Umichan 3D infirmary scene

  this is based on the last hentai part of the Umichan 3D unity game I made. click the pic to check…


updates and testing some plugins

site updates: testing some plugins I recently installed. installed a different forum. I immediately don’t like how you can’t post images.…