Working on the next parts of ARIA

just got the lines in for the rape scenes from the VA. I still need to split them apart. And pinoytoons sent…


updates on stuff

going to start trying to use the SVP reddit so check it out from time to time: I just posted all…


help vote for ARIA!

if you are reading this please show a positive vote for ARIA on Newgrounds. I don’t post there too often these days…


ARIA v2.0



Unity3D multiplayer online with MMD model

you can ignore the lighting/skin issues. I think it is a light issue or a spa file issue. but it is fixable,…


MMD: Die Young

these were a few scenes from a collab video I participated in around last winter. I found them on my computer and…


News and stuff for the weekend

haven’t touched ARIA yet, but I’ll get to it today. been working on the unity3d online multiplayer to see if I can…


It’s happening!

during my lunch break I got the unity3D multiplayer online to work lol! it even automatically makes a new host if the…


ARIA and Unity3d stuff

I think I have wrapped up all the small issues and fixes for this version of ARIA. so I’ll be in the…


updates on aria and pc stuff

didn’t do my computer hdd transfer yet (assuming that is even the problem) I’ll probably try again Friday. I’ll probably get a…


ARIA updates and MMD wip

so there are are few minor issues I am working out on ARIA. and a few additional things I need to add…


updates on various stuff

patreon: if all goes well you should see both the next ARIA version and Umichan wildpeach update this week. details below on…


my computer derping

for a while now my computer has been stuttering and skipping at times esp during video playback (makes it hard to make…


ARIA updates

Late post today, busy day. most of the things on the list in the previous post I managed to get programmed into…

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