3D Arielle game alpha + video update 7

A lot had been added to the 3D Arielle games since the previous post about it.

I have a little higher quality video here (if you want to just download it):

DL Windows:
This game is still early alpha and doesn’t have a smooth way to exit the game. So please play the game in window mode so you can easily X out of it.

For any who have concern about the realistic ARIA art. This is a example of one place I plan to use it. The dialogue and sex scenes will make use of it. more is explained towards the end of the video.

there is a terminal in the city where you start that allows you to travel to the combat area.
in the combat area there is a terminal near your starting location that takes you back to the city.

1 – Unarmed
2 – pistol
3 – automatic rifle
4 – MLaWs
5 – Fists
G – Grenades

1 – Unarmed
2 – Sniper
3 – Rocket Launcher (not added yet)
4 – beam sword (not added yet)
runs fast,jumps high

1 – Unarmed
2 – automatic rifle
3 – automatic rifle in shield config
G – Grenades (not added yet)
Recover aura recovers life of TT and ally characters (not full implemented)

1 – Unarmed
2 – Hex Blades
G – Hex automatic
Hex aura depletes life of nearby enemies.

Updated plans for enemy agents in future releases:
purple agents
Will have a negative health aura around them. some will be have a massive range where if you find and take them out in time you will die. Most will move in a similar way to zombie.

red agents
most will be snipers and move fast, hard to hit. certain more difficult red agents will also generate smoke so they are hard to see.
other red agents will rush the player with melee. and a few will have rocket launchers.

blue agents will have high health. similar to a miniboss or elite enemy.
Can carry shotguns, automatic rifle, or melee weapons.
they all are equipped with destructive bombs also.

green agents
will have a damage shield and heal allies around them and high health.
will agents will typically have low damage output but be surrounded by other enemies.